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The Office of the Vice Presidents of the Extracurricular Activities present the stage art program that will take place in the Auditorium during the first semester of the academic year 2010/2011. It is constituted by a total of 18 music, theatre and dance shows, and the main innovation is the incorporation of the Student Council of the UA as a co organizer. That implies "a stronger rapprochement between the institutional officials and the students" either when adding efforts in relation to the financing, "or also in relation to the assessment and proposal of the shows and the attention to the student's preferences", as the director of the Culture Secretariat, Carles Cortés, explained.

The program of the first semester will develop between the 5th of October and the 17th of December, a change on the dates that, as it was last year, follows the new academic calendar determined by the incorporation of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) and the new degrees that come into effect this year.

The commitment to the alternative shows, issued to a young and diverse public, and as the complement of the commercial spheres, are the focal points of the presented poster. "The objective is to comply with the duty of the integral training of the student that we advocate from the UA", explains the Vice President of the Extracurricular Activities, Josefina Bueno, who ensures that "it is a program that complements the academic education of the student in which, for instance, the dance is a demand of the gender equality, the theatre is a stage of essential and great training content texts, and the music is the way to demand the intercultural essence".

The present social and economical circumstances have favoured the consolidation of collaborations with other institutions, cultural projects and groups, such as Locos por el Teatro, The Crown of the Russian Ballet, the Muestra de Autores Contemporáneos (The Contemporary Authors Festival) or the Projecte Alcover, and the commitment to self production activities, organized by the UA Theatre Lectures and the UA Philharmonic Orchestra. In addition, a minimum and symbolic prize for the entrance to all the performances is offered.

Intercultural music and premiers
The musical program will start with the concert of Al Tall the next 7th of October. It will be followed by the performances of Canteca de Macao and Cheb Faiçal the days 14th and 27th of October, respectively, as a part of the Welcoming Celebration of the UA, which is organized by the Office of the Vice Presidents of the Extracurricular Activities and the Student Council, in collaboration with Cadena SER, the Catalan Language Secretariat, the Department of Modern Languages, the Youth Council and the Mediterranean House. The musical offer will be rounded off with the best Spanish group of the MTV AWARDS, We Are Standard, or Maga, one of the most interesting groups in the new generation of national pop.

The theatre, as it has always been, will occupy a distinguished place, hence this semester there will be several financed premieres with the support of the European Commission. They are the play Perceptio, by Locos por el Teatro and Acterus; and Terra Incognita, performed by Théâtre de L'Arcane. There will be two offers with the support of the XVII Muestra de Autores Contemporáneos (The XVII Contemporary Authors Festival): El alma se serena, by Lluïsa Cunillé and Paco Zarzoso, which is performed by Hongaresa de Teatre, and Què fem de la mare?, by Ximo Llorens and performed by the company La Dependent.

The Auditorium will be the venue of the production of Onatge, by Disperses, and El Solitari Oest, with the company La Fornal d'Espectacles & Moll-Oest, both specially thought as a formative complement for the Language students and the promotion of the Catalan language and culture. The play Onatge will be performed during the morning and has the collaboration of the Government of the Balearic Islands within the framework of Projecte Alcover which consists on promoting the Catalan culture in Valencia, Catalonia and the Balearic Islands.

The Auditorium program will be rounded off with two dance shows: The Nutcracker, in collaboration with the Crown of the Russian Ballet, and Sleeping Beauties, a show which is part of the program activities to mark the International Day against Gender Violence on the 25th of November. The leading roles of this performance are Christine Cloux and Clara Barberàsnetes, and it is an artist show that relies on the support of the Ministry of Equality and it will take place on the 24th at 8 pm.

Self production shows
The morning performance program will continue to be related to the educational centres with high schools programs that, during this first part of the course students can attend the production of Morir o no. Un instant abans de morir, produced by the University Theatre (Teatre Universitari) which is directed by Tomàs Mestre, and Fortunas de Androméda and Perseo by the Classical Theatre which is conducted by Andrés Vinaches. In addition, the Permanent University, conducted by Pascual Carbonell, will perform Amor, no me montes una escena (de amor).

There are two new issues related to the Philarmonic Orchestra of the University of Alicante, conducted by Mihnea Ignat. The first one is that the traditional Christmas Concert will take place in the Auditorium and the second one is the setting of a program of Educational Concerts in motion offered not only to all teaching centres but to people who want to make an enjoyable and educational approach to music. The first one of these concerts will take place on the 15th of December with the name of Cuentos y Bailes.

III International Miguel Hernández Congress
One of the most important cultural events of this year has been the Centenary of the birth of the Orihuela's poet Miguel Hernández, an event in which the University of Alicante has participated actively. As a coda to this Hernandiano year the Council of Alicante –through the Instituto Alicantino de Cultura Juan Gil-Albert− has organized the III International Miguel Hernández Congress that will take place during the month of October. In collaboration with the Latin American Studies Centre "Mario Benedetti", the Auditorium of the UA will be the venue of a round table in which the poets Noni Benegas, Juan Carlos Mestre and Marcos Ana will participate and tackle about the importance and validity of one of our more universal poets. It will be on the 28th of October at 6.30 pm.

Tickets and invitations
They are available to the public from the 20th of September 2010, but limited to the capacity of the premises.

Ticket sales
Sales will be in Compas (the bookshop of the University), Servicam, Fnac and an hour before in the Auditorium of the UA. For the concert of Canteca de Macao, they will be at the Student Council.

Attention: Ticket sales for the concerts We Are Standard and Maga will be on the Internet in Ticketmaster ( or Tel. 902 15 00 25), Fnac, Servicam, Pub Lloc de Joc and Pub El Sol in Sant Vicent del Raspeig. Ticket sales for the opera The Nutcracker will be in Servicam and for the theatre plays of the XVIII Theatre Festival they will be at their offices.
Besides, tickets will be sold for the show an hour before in the Auditorium of the UA.

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