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The Vice President of the Extracurricular Activities and the Student Council of the University of Alicante offer the performing arts' program of the Auditorium for the second semester of this academic year. There are a total of 22 performances between February and May 2011.

Theatre, dance, music and magic are part of a complete program organized thanks to the involvement of institutions and bodies such as Cadena 100, 40 Principales, Amnesty International, European National Fund, State Ministry of Equality, Women's Institute, Casa Mediterráneo, Universities of Valencia and Vic, the Youth Council and Unicómic association.

One of the highlights of the new program is the retrieval of Conciertos Toca Toca by emerging university groups, thanks to the collaboration of the Student Council and Cadena Ser.

In words of the director of the Culture Secretariat of the UA and responsible of the program, Carles Cortés, "we still go for an alternative, young, dynamic and varied program to round off the offer of the most commercial areas". Cortés pointed out theatre plays as the main proposal which will bring back to the University of Alicante the last stagings by Xavi Castillo or Sergi Belbel. They will also make possible the premiere in Alicante of new plays by Compañía Ferroviaria, Universities of Valencia and Vic and the monologues performance ¡Inmigrandes!, by the theatre company Pepe Garamendy with the collaboration of Amnesty International.
For this new program the entrance to the concerts will only need an invitation, which is possible due to the involvement of the institutions and bodies mentioned above.

Apart from a magic performance and the opening of the program at other stages such as the theatre The One in San Vicente, Las Cigarreras in Alicante and the restoration of the Hall of Residence of the UA as a performance place, there are some other innovations for this semester, that will end up in May with the premiere of the theatre and dance staging of the university groups.

The first proposal will be on the 9th of February and it will be performed by the theatre group of the Permanent University of the UA under the direction of Pascual Carbonell, with the premiere Autocares Amorós.


The program of the Auditorium has several top-level proposals sponsored by Cadena 100, which will bring for a concert Guaraná on the 23rd of February, and Los 40 Principales, with Taxi, next 16th of March.

As a result of the support for the cultural creation and dissemination, the Vice Presidents of the Extracurricular Activities will organize Conciertos Toca Toca, with the participation of different emerging groups in different concert halls of Alicante.

Thus, on the 10th of February the theatre The One will be the venue of the performance of the groups Jesus Lara & Asociados, and Juan Fco Navarro, winner of the best band of the contest Concursa!, organized by the Culture Secretariat.

The second concert will take place in the new cultural centre Las Cigarreras, with the live concert of Radio Z and with the rock proposal of university students.

Theatre remains one of the firmest offers of the cultural program of the Culture Secretariat, either in relation to the companies and the quality of the plays.

Educational diversity and quality are essential features of these proposals, which will start on the 16th of February with the play Fora de Joc, by Sergi Belbel and staged by Lalucky Serveis de L'Espectacle, where football plays the leading role of the plot.

Compañía Ferroviaria will show on the 2nd of March the play Himmelweg, by the playwright Juan Mayorga and, due to the International Women's Day on the 9th of March, the play Pájaros Azules, by Bramant Teatre, will be about the exile of Afghan women.

The participation of Amnesty International in the program will be present with the morning season play ¡Inmigrandes!, by the theatre company Pepe Garamendy, that will take place at the Hall of Residence of the UA on the 11th of March. It consists of some monologues based on a barrier-free humour that invites the audience to think with irony.

There will appear on the stage of the Auditorium Como si fuera un secreto, by Francisco Illán on the 23rd of March, and Jocs Perversos¸ by Compañía Resta, with the Theatre Lecture of the University of Valencia, on the 5th of April.

The farewell for Easter holiday will come with the multifaceted Xavi Castillo and his company Pot de Plom, who will come back to the University with their latest play, Valencia Zombi, which will be on staged on the 19th of April.

Magic and Cinema
During this second semester, the culture courses and workshops will interact with the program of the Auditorium with magic shows such as Ilusiones mentales y Aparecium, on the 10th and 11th of March, and the interactive viewing of the screening of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, which is the funny cult film of 1975 that will be shown by the Unicómic association on the 30th of March together with the animation and participation of the audience.

High School Activities

The program of the Auditorium continues its commitment of approaching the youngsters to cultural events of the University with morning performances addressed to High Schools Centres.

For this semester there are four programmed performances that go from the valencian music tour by Arthur Caravan, on the 15th of March, to the traditional Concierto sobre la Historia del Rock offered by the guitar teacher Santiago Iglesias on the 29th of March.
Besides, after the success of the initiative of the first edition that started on December, the second edition of Didactic Concerts will be performed by the Philharmonic Orchestra of the University of Alicante. They focus on Sounds of Nature and the first concert will take place on the 11th of April at 10 a.m.

There are also theatre plays addressed to High School students. The University of Vic will bring to the University of Alicante the play Dóna'm la mà, a staging based on poems by Joan Salvat Papasseit, and conducted by their Theatre Lecture.

Releases of own productions: Theatre and Dance Lectures
As usual, training work of the Vice President of the Extracurricular Activities will also be shown in this second semester with three self-produced releases.
One of those is the play Autocares Amorós, which starts the program of this year, by the Theatre of the Permanent University and directed by Pascual Carbonell. It will take place on the 9th of February.
As a coda to the program, the turn is also for the university groups. First of all, the University Theatre, directed by Juan Luis Mira, will perform a new version of the classic Twelfth Night, by William Shakespeare and translated by John Sanderson, on the 18th of May.
The latest show of the course will be performed by the Contemporary Dance Workshop of the UA, under the direction of Inmaculada Manresa, and therefore the program will come to an end with the play Retratos on the 19th of May.

Tickets and invitations
They are available for the public from the 1st of February, 2011. Tickets are limited to the capacity of the premises.

Invitations need to be collected at the Sala Aifos (Faculty of Art) of the University of Alicante

Ticket sales

Tickets for the shows will be available in Compas (the bookshop of the University), Servicam, Fnac and an hour before in the

Attention: Tickets for the magic shows can also be bought in Atrápalo.
For the projection The Rocky Horror Picture Show, tickets can be bought in advance in the Young Council, and in the shops No todo vale and Óptica Italia.

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