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Sala Sempere, from the Museum of the University of Alicante, opened on Thursday 24th of February at 7:30 p.m. the exhibition "Semblanzas", a work by the versatile artist Justo Almendros.

As a citizen of the world and an inveterate creator in any field −from painting, sculpture, drawing, design or the business venture as a social background−, Almendros now shows a photographic exhibition in which pink shoes are the original thread.

This exhibition consists of 16 photographs of 1:1 scale, in which several public figures are depicted but in a rather sui generis way. They are not shown in the best-known side of them, but in what could be the most human props of each of them.

The objective of the artist "is that every visitor creates its own image of the depicted figure". Furthermore, the use of the real scale and the placement of the photographs almost at ground level make the viewer be reflected on the methacrylate that protects each photograph, and therefore they can also become part of the work.

Another hallmark of the exhibition is, as it is common in the work of Almendros, the use of colours.

According to the writer of the exhibition's catalogue, Elsa Cajiao, "the imagination of Justo as a photographer is fed by images, colours, shadows, spaces, perspectives, faces, movements.... All of this, however, is impregnated with his complex experience, forged in the poor area, in the yoke and plough, in the Fine Arts' classroom, in the possessed and competitive business world, in the infinite Sahara solitude, in the five-star glitz of show business..."

Cajiao states that "figures of these portraits appear on a black level without coordinates with the strength of a hallucination. They seem to be wearing the remainder of a wreck of a theatre company. They look like being timeless, determined to play without hesitation and with the greater and possible conviction the role they play, that of their own lives".

The exhibition will remain open until the 21st of May. There is free admission but limited to the capacity of the premises.

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