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Around November 25, International Day against Violence Against Women, the exhibition Violencia contra las mujeres en el mundo (Violence against women around the world) will travel around secondary schools (IES) in Villena and Cocentaina during November and December. With the exhibition lectures and some other activities will be carried out, such as didactic workshops, in charge of Lydia Delicado, member of the NGO Entrepueblos, with the aim of raising the students' awareness about the importance of eliminating violence against women. This activity will start on November 4 in the secondary school (IES) nº 3 in Villena; November 8 it will take place in IES Navarro Santa Fe and November 18 in IES Hermanos Amorós.

In Cocentaina, the exhibition will be opened on November 23 at 8 pm, in the Exhibition Room of the Social Centre Real Blanc, with the collaboration of the Culture and Social Welfare Department (Regidoria de Cultura i Benestar Social). On Friday November 25 workshops will be carried out to raise awareness about this blot on society.

Stopping violence against women is a common challenge in the fight for gender equality and respect human rights in the world. This exhibition attempts to give an answer to several questions about men's violence against women, with which undoubtedly human rights are violated in their most general way, it's the most socially tolerated and practised one with a great legal impunity. Men's violence against women strengthens gender inequality and its resulting discrimination towards women.

According to Entrepueblos, "the exhibition shows several ways of violence against women in the world, its causes and the response of women to that violence, in different contexts and cultures, in which they live and work. Our aim is to increase the view and thinking about the complexity of these forms of violence, which doesn't accept simplifications or generalisations. Anyway we hope this exhibition starts solidarity towards its victims and an absolute refusal towards the behaviours and actions that causes them".

Entrepueblos is an association of cooperation for development, independent and secular, arisen in 1988 in the solidarity movement with Central and Latin America. Its main activity is spreading active solidarity with southern countries among several areas of our society.

Activities, organised by NGO Entrepueblos, have relied on the support of the Office of Vice President for Extracurricular Activities, Women's Studies Centre (CEM), Minister for Equal Opportunities and European Social Fund.

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