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Videos that deal with the problems of the gender as an exclusive social construction, that are sarcastic about the unreal image of women in the fashion world or about the feminine roles associated with housework. Other videos deal with women's situation in societies such as that in Burma or Iran. Pictures that challenge conventions about feminine beauty, that get family memories back, that recognise the work women do in the rural world or that demand the acceptance of transsexuality. Sculptures that appropriate symbolic objects to claim the regularisation of women's marriages, that pay a tribute to women's talent or that join gentleness and strength. Paintings that update stereotypes like that personified by Ophelia or that look for the construction of the identity through the self-portrait. Facilities that suggest the recognition of our own sexuality... These are just a few examples of the 24 works that will make up the exhibition of the 6th edition of Mulier Mulieris, a gathering of plastic arts organised by the Museum of the University of Alicante to celebrate Women's International Day, which has strengthened as a model of the artistic debate about gender topics.

In this edition, there is a total amount of 235 national and international proposals, of which a jury made up of multidisciplinary experts linked to artistic creation, investigation and teaching, has chosen the works of 20 women and 5 men from different generations which "provide transverse views about feminine condition".

The jury, made up by Tatiana Sentamans, Javier Moreno, Lorena Amorós, Remedios Navarro y Mauro Hernández, director of the MUA, has highlighted from these works "its positioning towards artistic practice, defined by its willpower to visualise, sensitise, denounce or pay a tribute", as well as "the social character of the projects" and the pursuit, on the part of the artists, of "new ways and speeches to connect with the audience". According to the jury, these creators "prove that art is not only a territory to create luxurious objects, but a laboratory of ideas, a place to test introspection and individual or collective thoughts".

As in former editions, the plurality of artistic disciplines chosen will provide a great richness to this group of poetic, ironic, protest and definitely contemporary views about femininity, which will be on show in the MUA in the middle of March.

The artists chosen are: María María Acha, Almudena Armenta Deu, Eugenia Blanco, Laura Boj, Carmelo Brustia, Reyes Caballero, Ro Caminal, Penélope Castaños, Ana Cembrero/Jorge Piquer, Regina Degiorgis, Helena Delgado, Yolanda Domínguez, Verónica Fieiras, Susana Guerrero, Roberto Lacalle, Luis Molinero, Marta V. Muñoz Gallego, Francis Naranjo, Laura Piñeiro, Arántzazu Ros Soriano, Eva M. Santos, Noemi Sjöberg, Maira Soares and Laura Torres Gandía.

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