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On February 25, at 8 pm, in the Calderón Theatre of Alcoi, the show Fat Black Spider will be performed by Madame Humtata and the Corporació Musical Primitiva of Alcoi (the Primitive Musical Corporation, known also as “La Vella”, that is the old one).

This time, “La Vella” is not on stage with soloists, ballerinas or actors: it will be just a participant of a performance in which a DJ, a drums player and the band itself will accompany the Austrian singer “Madame Humtata”, all this adorned with visual effects.

Avant-pop-art is the word we use to talk about the style of this artist, a style that goes beyond music: Madame Humtata shows sounds, costumes, scenography and the performance in general from a post-modern point of view, that differs in new stimulus for the senses of the audience.

Songs such as “New Face”, “Artificial Heart” or “Fat Black Spider”, which is actually the name of the show, match up this artistic concept that is so current and unknown with the familiar concept of the Banda Primitiva of Alcoi. It is a concert built up in an unusual way and we hope it will surprise the audience in the Calderón Theatre.

Corporació Musical Primitiva of Alcoi
Created at the beginning of the 19th century, it is one of the oldest and most relevant musical institutions in the territory of Valencia. An old band which nowadays has the group of “Dulzaina players and drummers La Cordeta” and the Music School “Amando Blanquer”.

Going towards the second century, La Primitiva has been present throughout the history of Spain at the dawn of the 19th century, has made adaptations and has evolved with time. That is the reason why lately it has put its mind to the challenge of designing, developing and presenting to the public shows in which music is the central part and the motor of the project around which any artistic discipline has to go.

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