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Acción Cultural Española (AC/E), a corporation that promotes Spanish culture, and the ITEM (Instituto de Teatro de Madrid, the Complutense University), in collaboration with the University of Alicante, organise the exhibition La Barraca, Teatro y Universidad. Ayer y hoy de una utopía (La Barraca, Theatre and University. Present and past of a utopia), which goes round the history of La Barraca, a university theatre group created by Federico García Lorca, from its foundation in 1932 until its extinction during the Spanish Civil War.
The exhibition, which is especially didactic and interactive, will be on show in the Trànsit II Exhibition Room in San Vicente’s Campus and is presented in six thematic sections. It consists of pictures, scale models, files, documents, press articles, designs, graphic elements, audiovisual material and several atrezzo exhibits, and its organiser, Javier Huerta, has created it in six units that pretend to be suitcases and trunks from itinerant actors and they contain the different exhibits that the visitors will be able to consult. Through this material, they will know firsthand the vital journey of the Project by García Lorca in the six sections of the exhibition: “La Barraca echa a andar” (La Barraca’s first steps); “Quiénes fueron los ‘barracos’” (Who the “barracos” were); “La Barraca en la Universidad de Madrid” (La Barraca in the University of Madrid); “Nuevos cómicos de la legua” (New comedians of the league); “El fin de un sueño” (The end of a dream) and “La Barraca vuelve a los caminos de España” (La Barraca returns to Spanish paths).

The exhibition will be formally open on Tuesday February 28, at 12 pm in the Trànsit II Exhibition Room in the Lecture Building II (Aulario II) of the University of Alicante in a ceremony that will have the participation of Rosario Navalón, director of the Secretariat of Extracurricular Activities of the University of Alicante, Elena Díaz, Coordinator of the project Las huellas de La Barraca (La Barraca’s footsteps) by AC/E, and Andrea Buchner, from AC/E.

The exhibition -arriving now to Alicante, after having been in San Lorenzo de El Escorial, Palencia, Comillas, Astorga, Teruel, Zaragoza, Murcia, Granada, Madrid, Valencia y Castelló- is part of the programme Las huellas de La Barraca designed by AC/E, dedicated in 2012 to remember the 8th Century of the Scola Studiorum of Palencia and the Bicentenary of the Cádiz Constitution.

The Theatre of the UA and the project
The University Theatre of the University of Alicante is one of the six theatre groups selected by Acción Cultural Española to participate in the contest about non professional theatre scenic projects that will participate in the seventh edition of de Las huellas de La Barraca. The University Theatre of the UA will perform Aquel Fernando (That Fernando), by Jerónimo López Mozo (Gerona, 1942), a work expressly written to remember the Bicentenary of the Constitution of 1812 and to which we have to add the texts that AC/E asked another two dramatists to do: Laila Ripoll (Madrid, 1964-El capricho (The whim)) and Marco Antonio de La Parra (Santiago de Chile, 1952- El teatro de la patria o la patria del teatro (The theatre of the native land or the native land of the theatre)).
The University Theatre of the University of Alicante also participated in the fourth edition of Las huellas de La Barraca dedicated this time to remember the IV Centenario del Arte nuevo de hacer comedias en este tiempo (fourth Century of the new Art of creating comedies in this time), by Lope de Vega. During the summer of 2009, this theatre group performed Quien todo lo quiere (Who wants it all), by Lope de Vega in Almagro’s International Theatre Festival and in fifteen cities from Asturias, Cantabria and Galicia.

La Barraca, the University Theatre that Federico García Lorca run, was undoubtedly one of the biggest cultural enterprises of the Second Spanish Republic. Its aim was to bring to the most remote corners of Spain the theatre of our classics in the Golden Age: Cervantes, Lope, Tirso, Calderón… One day that dream ended with the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War. Several members of La Barraca, being the first one who was its director, died in tragic circumstances, in some or another trench. Some went into the exile and others stayed in Spain with the living memory of what that bright adventure was and which this exhibition wants to recall.

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