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The exhibition Science Fiction, Voyage au coeur du vivant, will be on show until February 27 in the Aifos Exhibition Room of the UA. It gathers paintings in which, by means of the overprinting technique, there is an interweaving of scientific pictures from the Institut National de la Sanité et de la Recherche Médicale (INSERM) of Paris and ancient prints that illustrate the work of Jules Verne.

The exhibition, organised by the Institut Français Valencia and the Office of the Vice President for Extracurricular Activities of the UA, will be formally open on February 8, at 10 am, with the paper Literatura y ciencia: premoniciones y convergencias (Literature and science: premonitions and convergences), carried out by Helios Jaime, professor of Compared Literature in the Sorbonne University. Jaime has organised several conferences in the context of compared literature, focusing his attention both in Spanish and Latin American literatures equally.

His concern about achieving a broad and enriching approach between the different areas of knowledge has made him become one of the greatest experts in the interrelations between Sciences and Humanities, and an active member of the Institute of Astrophysics of the Paris Observatory.

According to the coordinator of the exhibition, Ángeles Sirvent, professor of the department of Modern Languages, "Through the exhibition, created by the INSERM of Paris, and sponsored by the Embassy of France, what we want from the area of French Studies is to show the students the need to go out of our watertight compartments and offer an interdisciplinary approach between different artistic areas and even between several sciences".

Besides, "in this exhibition, where human and experimental sciences go into a symbiosis, and where what is microscopic becomes art and interrelates with literature, we want university people, either students or professors from different subjects, to appreciate new aesthetic and at the same time scientific forms, and to value the wealth that interdisciplinary nature provides", Sirvent adds.

The exhibition is complemented with the tale by Bernard Werber, writer of the trilogy Les Fourmis (The Ants), in which a dialogue is carried out from a distance with Verne, father of modern science fiction: "For me, he is the initiator. He made me want to travel far away when opening a book. He taught me that you can set off any border with words".

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