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On March 1, at 8 pm, the concert “Toca, toca en femení” will take place at the Hall of Residence of the UA, with the soloist Safree, winner of the Music Contest of the Culture Secretariat 2011, and the band Arenae, which belongs to the list of emergent groups of the University of Alicante. The concert is included in the events of the 8th of March, International Women's Day.

Rosana Martínez Navarro, artistically known as Safree, started to write her own lyrics in 2003 and in 2008, she was in the recording studio. With Abel (vocalist of Sajra Tambaj/nahi) and Mey, she created “Contra el destino” (Against destiny) and later “Dulce pesadilla” (Sweet nightmare), songs that are included in the album that never came to light entitled “Doble esencia” (Double essence).

A year later, she recorded “Deja que fluya” (Let it flow) or “Escenario de papel” (Paper stage) alone. In 2009, with Ojos del mundo, she suggests creating a project with the members of the group later known as “Punto de inflexión” (Point of inflection), in which Safree stayed during a couple of months and with which she launched the demo “Desde el cero al infinito” (From scratch to the infinity), which had the collaboration of Shé.

In September 2011 she presented “Distrito Medianoche” (Midnight district), with the collaborations of Santa Morte, Xenon Dorian Gray, Rasen y Abeltz & Zhar. She is currently recording “Monocromático” (Monochromatic), which we will listen to very soon.

Arenae is a pop-rock group from Alicante. A different proposal from young people who have a lot to say and show. The band was born in 2009, and up to now it has carried out about 90 concerts in halls, pubs, festivals, parties and charity galas, in acoustic as well as in electric format. Among other prizes, the group has been semifinalist in the 1st Acoustic Contest Villa de Ibi (Alicante, 2011) and finalist in the Wolfest Music Festival (Madrid, 2011).

Even though Arenae is a pop-rock group, its music style has touches of other styles (indie, electronics, blues, jazz, funky, reggae, ballads, etc.). However, in all its songs it gets a characteristic sound that identifies them and doesn't fail to move the audience.

Ticket collection in Aifos Exhibition Room in the UA.

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