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New cultural agenda for the months of February, March and April at the UA

Among the novelties included, we find a new Cultural Resources Centre, a training and cultural programme, new languages and theatrical trends and some activities integrated around the figure of Arcadi Blasco. The MUA has consolidated as a multipurpose space, has renamed its exhibition halls, devoted an area to L'Alcudia (archaeological site) and to the Archaeological Museum of La Vila and will host concerts atOscar Esplá Higher Music Conservatory.

The Office of the Vice President for Culture, Sports and Language Policy presents a varied cultural programme for the months of February, March and April, marked by the continuity in the same strategic line that combines our own training and cultural programming for the university community and the public at large, to which we have added training actions for secondary students this term, with theatre, music and visual arts. The Vice President and Carles Cortés has confirmed this fact by mentioning the forthcoming theatre plays "Medea de Eurípides" (4th February) and "Deixa'm que et deixe" (19th February), with text by Tomás Mestre, awarded the Evarist Garcia Award (short theatre in the Catalan language).

Among the UA cultural novelties, it is worth emphasizing "Vol de gat: els camins infinits de l’art" a combined exhibition displaying some Antoni Miró's works and a performance of dancer and choreographer Sol Picó, in a fusion of literature, painting and dance around the novel "Vuelo de gato" by the writer, lecturer and Cuban ex-miniter for Culture Abel Prieto (opening on 20th February).

The theatre programme is completed with "la Señorita Julia" (6th February), "Sexpearemente", "Lisístrata" (6th March) with the UA Classical Theatre, "Etica, tatoos y saldos" directed by Patricia Pardo (6 March),"Con pies de circo" (13 de marzo) y "Little Igüoc Shop of Horror" (24th April), in a solid bet "for new languages, new theatrical trends unconventionally staged", states Carles Cortés, who stressed the importance of providing a small to medium theatre format which is not offered in Alicante.

Regarding music, the UA programme remains committed to offering support to new voices. In this sense, we continue displaying "Toca, Toca", although this year it incorporates the novelty of a public announcement which will be open to all groups who wish to participate. Among all enrollees, we will select two groups who will perform a concert on 19th April and the funds raised will go fully to finance the participation of the UA Male Handball Team in the European University Championship. The Vice President emphasizes this fact as a "merge of culture and sport to fund the team's participation in the European Championships in Katowice (Poland), after having been proclaimed champion in the Spanish University Championship".

The musical the programme starts on 3rd February with the participation of the University Choir in the Closing Concert of Sacred Music Festival to be held in the Co-cathedral of St. Nicholas of Bari, at 1 pm. On 14th February, VerdCel will present his album "Els dies de Sauri", 2012 Ovidi Award.

The UA Philharmonic Orchestra will offer a didactic concert on 30th April, at the Auditorium and this performance will be the preamble to the Spring Concert, including a charity concert on 2nd May to benefit the Alzheimer Association of Alicante, a second concert on 3rd May in Moraira-Teulada and on 4th May at the ADDA.

The new offering in the area of Plastic Arts makes a strong commitment in using the MUA as a multipurpose cultural space with exhibitions, concerts, educational workshops, academic and teaching activities. The exhibition activity this semester starts on Thursday, 31st January, with the opening of the exhibition "Centro de Cálculo", an exhibition that reflects and analyzes the influences that this centre at the University of Madrid (Complutense now) had in the research, teaching activity and the incorporation of the computer in later Spanish art. This exhibition will be accompanied by a series of integrated cultural activities in collaboration with the UA Higher Polytechnic College.

The novelty incorporated by the MUA is the creation of new spaces and new nomenclature in the MUA's exhibition halls, which now host the new space "Alcudia Hall" with a permanent exhibition on the research work undertaken by the UA L'Alcudia (archaeological site) in collaboration with the Archaeological Museum of La Vila Joyosa. From now on, the Hall hosting the permanent exhibition of the MUA will be renamed as "Arcadi Blasco Hall" and the 365 Hall is called now "The Cub".

Arcadi Blasco will be precisely one of the stars of this term and some exhibitions, conferences and workshops, cultural activities about his life and work have been planned. The exhibition entitled "Arcadi Blasco: Relats de línies y Fang", will open in mid-February, on a date still to be announced, and will be open until 30th August. In parallel, the workshops begin on 7th February with some "educational workshops" and on 25th February, there will be the turn of "theoretical-practical workshop around Arcadi Blasco ceramic work" in collaboration with the Higher School of Art and Design of Alicante". On 7th and 8th May, a conference series on Arcadi Blasco will be hosted, with the participation of renowned artists, art professionals and researchers who explore in greater depth his artistic legacy and creative process.

New concerts offered by the Oscar Esplá Higher Music Conservatory in Alicante will also be held at the MUA, thanks to an agreement between the two institutions.

Finally, the programme includes the premiere of the movie El Amor y Otras Desgracias on 15th February, at 8 pm in the UA Auditorium, 16 stories by writers and filmmakers in the province of Alicante which combine and merge into a feature film, with the peculiarity that each director runs a piece different from the one they have written. The theme chosen is that of personal relationships, varying in each segment the gender, locations and characters.

The Office of the VIce President for Culture has also started a Cultural Resources Centre (CRC) located at the Cultural Information Point (CIP), at the Auditorium ground floor, which is open to the entire university community where magazines, books on cinema, as well as documentation on resources and cultural management are available. Also, documentaries and short films on social issues can be screening at the CRC as well as a wide catalogue of films can be consulted.

January 31
Exhibition Centro de Cálculo
(In collaboration with the Universidad Complutense de Madrid)

MUA. 12:00.
The exhibition The Computing Centre of the University of Madrid (1965-1982). From numerical analysis to the open creativity, examines and reflects on the influences that this institution had in the research, teaching, and incorporation of computers in later Spanish art. Among the many activities that the Center generated, the exhibition draws attention to the “Seminario de Generación Automática de Formas Plásticas”, where artists, engineers, architects and computer developers shared the pioneering experience of Net-art.

February 3
University Choir. Closing Concert of Sacred Music Festival

Co-cathedral of St. Nicholas of Bari. 13:00.

February 4
Medea by ​​Euripides.

Auditorium. 12:00.
€ 3. Tickets at Servicam, Compas UA bookshop and at the Auditorium one hour before.
Theatre company LA NAVE ARGO. 1st prize at the Certamen Compitalia. Finalist at the Certamen Nacional de Teatro Grecolatino para estudiantes 2012.
Medea has left Colchis, she has left her home behind, she has fallen out with her family. And all this just for the love she once felt for one foreigner who came from Corinth, Jason, and who went there in the search of the Golden Fleece. Once Medea is in Corinth, she gets outraged, since she has to bear the intention of her husband to marry the princess, the daughter of Creon. Medea represents the most brutal and atrocious violence, but also a woman's struggle against an unjust patriarchal system, the irrationality of passion and also the rational coldness of revenge against the outrage and cynicism of Jason.

February 6
La señorita Julia by A. Strindberg

High School UA. 20:00.
€ 5. Tickets at Servicam, Compas UA bookshop and at the Hall of Residence one hour before.
ACTUA. Directed by Xavier Monzó
The night of San Juan in 1950, Miss Julia tired of suffering from love disappointment, taking advantage of the summer solstice party, she decides to share the party with her servants. Juan, his father's right-hand man, takes the chance to let one of his dreams come true, but the price and the consequences will overwhelm the protagonists of the story

February 14
VerdCel presents the album Els dies del Sauri

Auditorium. 12:00.
€ 3. Tickets at Servicam, Compas UA bookshop and at the Auditorium one hour before.
Recently awarded as the best work at the Premis Ovidi Awards 2012. This album is part of a wider work that also contains a graphic novel, a comic, and which is presented as a show. You can listen to songs, flick through the comic, watch a first clip from the album.

February 15.
Premiere of the film El amor y otras desgracias

Auditorium. 20:00.
Entry by invitation and donation through:
16 stories by writers and filmmakers from the province of Alicante combine to melt into a complete film, with the peculiarity that each director does not direct the piece they wrote, but a different one. The theme chosen is the personal relationships, varying in each part the gender, location and characters.

February 19
Deixa'm que et deixe

Auditorium. 20:00.
€ 5. Tickets at Servicam, Compas UA bookshop and at the Auditorium one hour before.
Created by Tomas Mestre i Damià and Joan Lluís Moreno Congost. Thaeatre company SAINETERS. Awarded with the prize Teatre breu en valencià EVARIST GARCÍA.
A typical clichéd love story, full of typical topics, with typical dialogues and topics present in any topical piece that does not aspire to be more than the typical story of the conflicts that arise in the typical clichés of a topical relationship.

February 20.
Vol de gat: els camins infinits de l’art
Antoni Miró Exhibition and Performance of Sol Pico and Mariona Sagarra

Free entry
"Vol de gat" is a combined exhibition displaying some of Antoni Miró's works and a performance of the dancer and choreographer Sol Picó, in a fusion of literature, painting and dance around the novel "Vuelo de gato" by the writer, lecturer and former Cuban miniter for Culture Abel Prieto.

Concert of rising bands from the university, Toca toca
San Raimundo de Peñafort’s day.

20:00, Auditorium of the UA
Free entry with invitation.

February 27

Hall of Residence. 20:00.
€ 8. Tickets at Servicam, Compas UA bookshop and at the Hall of Residence one hour before.
Sexpearemente is a set of sketches whose nexus is the company itself reflecting on their inability o handle the classics. They perform a five minute version of Hamlet, they go to a absurd bookshop to find classics made to measure for them, they are visited by a classic writer; Federico Garcia Lorca and his polizón de nardos, they have a surreal dinner with important representatives of culture and politics, and they speak ironically about theatre today. For the first time Rulo and Santi undress themselves as seXpeare and tell why they do what they do. Direct, absurd and surreal humour.

February 28
Premiere concert of Jaime Helios’ new album Musa


March 6
Lisístrata, UA Classical Theatre

Hall of Residence.12:00.
€ 3. Tickets at Servicam, Compas UA bookshop and at the Auditorium one hour before.
Directed by Andrés Vinaches & Tomàs Mestre. Special prize by the audience in the XXV Concurs de Projectes de Teatre Amateur Alicante a Escena 2012. Two opposing forces competing in this comedy: War and Peace. Led by Lysistrata, all the women of Greece decide to oppose the war with a very effective and unique resource: a sex strike?

March 6
Ètica, tattoos y saldos

Hall of Residence. 20:00.
€ 3. Tickets at Servicam, Compas UA bookshop and at the Hall of Residence one hour before.
Created by the playwright Patricia Brown. The characters that Patricia Pardo gets together are beasts like life itself. And fun. And unlucky. And punks. Should teachers who read summaries of Rousseau go to jail? Do we identify an orgasm with the same clarity as an ethical behaviour? If prostitutes don’t live a marital life, are the divorced women some real whores? Can someone with a full stomach tell us what to do? If society does not want criminals and the police arrest them, does the society want cops? Can creation move us away from determinism and closer to dignity? Patricia Pardo studies the coexistence of traditional circus expression and contemporary language; classic gags but also metaphor images; fiction and reality, transgression but fragility.

March 8

Performance. Women's Day
Plaza of the equality. UA.
Free entry
A TEMPO DANSA (Vila-real). When art is a stranger, are we the ignorant ones or is the ignorance of some which makes art unknown to us? Six women looking for love with art dance this piece to the beat of an accordion that creates a melody for a meditation on the value, knowledge, sensitivity and admiration that arts provide and, blinded by obsession, we fail to know that sometimes we are artists ourselves, that we are art.

March 13
Con pies de circo

Auditorium. 20:00.
€ 6. Tickets at Servicam, Compas UA bookshop and at the Auditorium one hour before. The Circópodo Company. " Con pies de circo" is a show for all ages that invites you to face everyday life with an optimistic, creative and fun attitude. It's a show designed for a room and it lasts one h

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