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The Hall of Residence of Alicante hosts this Wednesday, March 6, Ètica, tatoos y saldos a play written and premiered by the Valencian playwright Patricia Pardo, and dramatized by the author herself and Chon Gonzalez.

The performance will take place at 20.00 in the Hall of Residence of the University of Alicante. Tickets, € 3, can be purchased at Servicam, Compas UA bookshop and at the Hall of Residence one hour before.

Conceived from the artist's sculptural work about the head by the artist Canavese Curro, and the ethical and creation studies of the philosopher José Antonio Marina, the work is "a reflection on morals versus ethics, and ethical thinking versus convenience," according to the author.

The show, premiered in April 2011 in the I Festival Russafa Escènica de Valencia, is transgressive and provocative, and is divided into three different scenes. In the first one, with the classic act of a head on a tray on a restaurant table as the basis of the work, the body of the head is shown. "While the waiter serves the food and the head eats using his own body, the head utters outrageous speech on ethics, creation, and, at the same time, on how easy is for someone to talk about ethics with a full stomach."

When the meal at the restaurant ends, in the second part, the table is removed. The head becomes Patricia Pardo, who speaks to us directly, without a mask, without a character, about who she is.

Following the latter, she walks towards the tattoo set, where the tattooer Boro Monterde awaits her for one of her lectures at the University, which deals with the oxymoron. While Patricia has her back tattooed, she delivers a speech for the audience while they write oxymoronic definitions about love, infidelity and dignity. After the previous active creation, Patricia Pardo summarizes the history of her company with a display of images.

This performance is one of the commemorative activities for Women's Day that are being held at the University of Alicante, both on campus and at its venues.

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