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On Tuesday 29 October at 1 pm in the Aifos Exhibition Room of the campus, the University of Alicante formally opens a new exhibition dedicated to Jorge Juan. It will remain open to the public until 27 November.

This exhibition is part of the commemoration events held for the tercentenary of the birth of Jorge Juan Santacilia, a Spanish scientist and mariner. It shows original books of Jorge Juan exceptionally on loan from David Beltrá, a man from Novelda who has been devoted on his own account to collect books and other original works of Jorge Juan. Some of these works, such as “Breve noticia de la vida de Jorge Juan y Santacilia”, “Observaciones Astronómicas y físicas” or “Compendio de Navegación”, can only be seen on the opening day. Furthermore, the exhibition includes other publications about Jorge Juan arranged in showcases and an exhibition route guided by explanatory panels.
This new exhibit deals with the importance of Jorge Juan for the Enlightenment in Spain and finishes off, from a historical perspective, the exhibition “La mar que no pudo ver Jorge Juan” that was formally opened last week in the University of Alicante's Museum (MUA).

The exhibition route begins with the section “La España de Jorge Juan”, where the visitor is taken back to the Spain after the War of Succession, the navy and the “militarization” of Science. The second section is completely dedicated to go more deeply into the biography of Jorge Juan: his family environment, his membership in the Order of Malta and in the Royal Academy of Naval Engineers, his first expeditions…

The route keeps going with the travels and commissions that Jorge Juan performed in the service of the monarchy: his scientific expedition to Peru, his adventure in America and the modernization of the Navy. This last subject leads into the fourth section, which presents the diplomatic and teaching side of the scientist. This exhibition ends with a section that shows his scientific production and also the honours and recognitions Jorge Juan has been granted with.

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