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The new cultural programme of the University of Alicante (ACUA) for the next February, March and April includes 20 shows, with a solid commitment to the Valencian theatre, the collaboration of the Conservatorio Profesional de Música Guitarrista José Tomás of Alicante and the self-production of the Mulier Mulieris Art Award.

With regard to the theatre programme, six plays in Valencian will take place, starting from Wednesday 5 February at the Paraninfo, the play Quatre-Cents!, staged by the CRIT company and directed by Pep Sanchís. The Colegio Mayor will host Nora on Monday 13 February (8.00pm), staged by produccions els Soterranis. On 26 February Toni Gomila will perform Acorar (8.00 pm) and on 27 Bacantes de Eurípides (12.00 pm) together with the drama group La Nave Argo, both of them at the Paraninfo. The theatre schedule will continue on March with Mandíbula Afilada and the Saineters company on 11 March at 12.00 pm at the Paraninfo. Lucrècia o Roma Lliure will be performed by La Trup on 12 March, 8.00 pm at the Paraninfo, and it will include a colloquium with the actors after the play.

As a novelty on the theatre programme, Tomás Mestre will be in charge of the Aula de Teatro of the UA, taking the place of the current head, Juan Luis Mira, who's leaving the position due to health issues. Apart from this charge, Mestre will reinforce the collaboration between the UA and the Xarxa Alcover.

Morover, on this occasion, the Vice Presidency is supported by the students José Pastor and Adrián Arnaiz, who have created a spot to promote the cultural activities developed at the University of Alicante.

Joan Amèric will open the musical section of the programme, with the presentation of his last record Directament, on 19 February. The MUA (Museum of the University of Alicante) will be again the stage for the concerts performed by the Conservatorio Profesional de Música Guitarrista José Romás of Alicante, thanks to a collaboration agreement between both institutions, because of which 6 concerts will be given, all at 7.00 pm: Piano (27 February and 10 April), Flute and Piano (6 March), Wind quintet (13 March) and the Premios Extraordinarios 2013 (27 March and 3 April).

The Paraninfo will host on 5 March one of the most anticipated lyric works, “Melodías de Mujer”, a show that pays tribute to the female character in the opera, with the performance of the Compañía Lírica Vocemmus of Alicante. On 20March, the Orquesta Filarmónica of the UA (OFUA) will give a concert to the benefit of Alinur (8.00 pm at the Paraninfo) as part of the programme for the spring concerts in the UA.

April is jazzing it up with the Albert Nieto’s piano (on April 1 at 7.00 pm at the MUA) and on 2 April with Cotijazz Bang, under the direction of Perico Sambeat (Paraninfo, 8.00 pm). The musical section will end up with “La historia del Rock”, 8 April (11.30 am, at Paraninfo), directed by Santiago J. Iglesias.

The cultural programme also includes a cinematographic encounter and a ballet show. The film director Chema García Ibarra will meet with the audience at the Colegio Mayor on February 6 (7.00 pm). The meeting will include a retrospective about his work, projections and a talk with the audience.

The Mou Dansa company and the choreographer Mónica Cervantes will make us move with the show “Pure Pleasure” (26 March at 8.00 pm at the Paraninfo).


The ACUA programme is completed by several exhibitions that combine art and scientific divulgation, as well as integrated activities about them at the MUA, Aifos and Tránsit exhibition halls. It is worth mentioning the Mulier,Mulieris, “Humor social: Una generación perdida… o dos”, “Entre Cielo y Tierra. Paisajes de la colección del MUA”, “El final de la Guerra civil en Alicante: Represión y exilio” or “Imatges Vives. 20 anys de la Xarxa Vives d’Universitats”, among others.

And the programme also conserves the, already traditional, Divendres a la Seu, at the Sede Ciudad de Alicante. It will count on the musical and poetic soiree: Cloc! I altres sons, on 21 February, staged by the poet August Bover and the soprano singer and cellist Eulàlia Ara. The “Homenaje a Mario Benedetti: 5 años después” will take place on 21 March and will be staged by some songwriters. Rafa Xambó, songwriter, will perform “T’estime tant. Sonetes de Shakespeare” on 11 April and on 16 May the Coro la Sablonara will finally close the programme.

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