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The University of Alicante’s Museum (MUA) hosts the exhibit Imatges Vives about the artistic, scientific and documentary heritage of the 21 universities belonging to the Vives Network. This exhibit is sponsored by Lourdes Cirlot, Vice-President for Institutional Relations and Culture at the University of Barcelona, and coordinated by Faust Ripoll, Director of the Cultural Service of the UA.

The exhibition is part of the commemorative programme of the 20th anniversary of the institution Vives Network, and contains a representation of the artistic, scientific and documentary heritage of its universities in 5 thematic areas: plastic arts (painting, sculpture, drawing, graphic work); documents and books; objects; virtual campus, video creations and videographic projections and, last but not least, the Espacio Gaudí. Imatges Vives is located on the exhibit room “El Cub”, in the University of Alicante’s Museum, and will remain open until the next 5th of April.

The exhibition was formally opened on 24th January, after the inauguration ceremony of the 20th anniversary held in the University of Alicante. Lourdes Cirlot, organizer of the exhibit, considers that the diversity “is one of the main factors of Imatges Vives, because visitors can admire works that go back six hundred years, like books from the 15th century, and also contemplate a great amount of works of the most advanced technology whose benefit is to connect with the public in a completely modern language. Some pieces of the exhibit are shown in digital format, with computers and touchscreens, while others can only be seen through the glass of display cabinets because they are original, valuable works and great examples of the diverse and priceless university heritage.”

Among the works on display, visitors can find works of distinguished artists born in the Catalonian territories, from Antoni Tàpies to Andreu Alfaro, Arcadi Blasco, Antoni Llena, Xavier Mariscal, Eusebi Sempere, Josep M. Subirachs, Carmen Calvo or the Equipo Crónica. Along with these artists and their works, visitors can also admire works of historical and scientific relevance, for example, the book Astronomicum Caesareum (1540), from Pere Apià, lent by the University of Barcelona, or mineral and fossil samples provided by the University of Alicante.

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