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The Faculty of Sciences, together with Entrepobles association, has organised the exhibition “The limits of growth”, featuring a series of information panels on our reckless and uncontrolled use of natural resources. The exhibition will be open until 18 December in the University of Alicante’s Lecture Building 1.

For the last few decades, humanity has been treating Planet Earth as if it was the goose that laid the golden eggs and natural resources were endless and easy to replace. “We were convinced that the goose was ours to keep and that the more we exploited it, the bigger and brighter the eggs would be. And so we exhausted our seas and soils, and polluted water and air. It is easy to guess how the story ends: exactly as the golden-egg goose story ended”, say the exhibition organisers.

These twelve panels tackle interesting issues. Some of them are “the limits of growth”, “true sustainability”, “we are not alone, we are part of an ecosystem”, “what is going on with oil?”, “squeezing out every last drop of nuclear energy, gas and coal”, “renewable energies are the key to our future… but they are not unlimited”, “say goodbye to the culture of disposability”, “what to do with our living model?” and “the economy of growth”.

According to the organisers, one of the goals of this exhibition is “to show people that getting together, gathering information, collaborating, making efforts, speaking out and calling for real political action are some of the wide range of initiatives that we can use in order to make the world a really sustainable and prosperous world for everyone”.

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