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From its early days, the University of Alicante has kept a strong commitment to defend and support emerging cultural and artistic events, particularly those born within the university community, through its museum (MUA). The exhibition ‘Desde dentro. Arte contemporáneo desde Alicante’ (‘From the inside; Contemporary art from Alicante’) is the result of this commitment. This exhibition, aimed at spreading, analysing and promoting emerging art from the city and region of Alicante, will be held in Sempere Room of the MUA until 10 January 2015.

The exhibition, curated by MUA specialist Bernabé Gómez, is made up of a selection of pieces from a generation of young artists who have either been born in Alicante or work in the city, and who have become the region's driving force for artistic development in recent years. 19 artists have been chosen to exhibit some of their works.

‘From the inside’ offers a global perspective of the current artistic creation scene in Alicante. This exhibition outlines how the research of contemporary art will evolve. The selected pieces allow visitors to analyse them and to discover the links they share with one another. Moreover, it shows how the environment has influenced their creation.

Alicante acts as the starting point and the common thread in the exhibition. Each work gives a distinct visual and conceptual vision of our city and also reflects the artistic universe of each of the selected artists.

The exhibition includes pieces by Milagros Angelini, Rosana Antolí, Aurelio Ayela, Rosalía Banet, Pablo Bellot, Cristina de Middel, Olga Diego, Cristina Ferrández, Juan Fuster, Ferran Gisbert, Susana Guerrero, Kribi Heral, Eduardo Infante, Mónica Jover, Edgar Mendoza, Javi Moreno, Juan Carlos Nada, Luisa Pastor and Jesús Rivera.

To promote art collecting, those who purchase the catalogue (€15) will receive a complimentary numbered work by artist Vik Autofocus.

Activities related to the exhibition

To complete the exhibition, a conference entitled ‘Utopia’ will be held on 19 December at the MUA, featuring two round tables to stimulate contemporary art from Alicante. Gallery owners, representatives of public institutions and artists will participate in the event. Bernabé Gómez, curator of the exhibition, explains that “the main aim is to establish future strategies to improve the situation of contemporary art in Alicante. In addition, a roadmap should be drawn up to encourage production, promotion, institutional support and collecting.”

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