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Sílvia and Raül

Sílvia and Raül have recorded a new album only with their voices and a guitar, nothing else. For this emotional and personal recording entitled granada, they have covered other musicians’ songs in a very personal way. On 16 December, it will be presented at 8.00 p.m. at the UA Auditorium. Tickets are 10 euros and can be bought at Compás bookshop and Instant Ticket.

She has the most breathtaking voice of recent times. Besides studying classical music and jazz, she grew up listening to Spanish and Latin American popular songs. She sings in a unique and heartfelt way as a result of her powerful relationship with flamenco music. He on the other hand started out as an indie musician, but he is now moving away from that label to become simply “a musician”. He finds an interest in everything around him, he wants to learn about everything to grow as a songwriter, a producer and an instrumentalist.

Not only the musical repertoire, but also the strong relationship and the wish to seek new experiences make the connection between Sílvia and Raül so unique. Together, they become a unit; separately, they are completely different.

Raül explains that no one can understand him as well as Silvia does. They worked together for the first time in 2006 in a recording including Catalan and Latin American traditional songs. They still sing popular songs, but their repertoire has expanded and become unpredictable. One could say that they have the ability of expressing anything they want through music.

Both of them have produced and recorded this album, which includes all kind of versions in Spanish, Catalan, Portuguese, English, French and German. The chosen songs are by Leonard Cohen, Albert Pla, Edith Piaf, Schumann, Enrique Morente, Violeta Parra, Lluís Llach, Novos Bahianos, María del Mar Bonet and Fito Páez, among others. On this album, there are songs from different ages, styles and places, but Silvia and Raül’s voices do not change. They have been able to turn songs into heartbreaking confessions, life lessons or daydreams. In their voices, these songs sound as if they had just been written, or even as if they were being created right that moment.

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