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Smiley, an interesting comedy play, will be held in the UA’s Residential college on 3 December at 8.00 p.m. It is a play written and directed by Guillem Clua and performed in Catalan by actors Rubén de Eguia and Albert Triola. Tickets are €5 and can be bought at Compás bookshop.

Smiley is a deep reflection on love, made through a quite special relationship. Clua says that ‘It is an ode to love. We all have experienced Álex and Bruno’s story, their tit-for-tat, their arguments and their reconciliations. Beyond the characters’ sexual orientation, the play shows that we all are vulnerable to love, no matter if we are pretty or ugly, smart or foolish, young or old, gay or heterosexual, left-wing or right-wing. We all get butterflies when we are kissed for the first time’.

‘According to a Japanese legend, if two people are destined to be together, since the moment when they are born an invisible red thread is tied up to their pinkies in order to join them together forever. That thread cannot be broken, no matter how far they are from one another or how different they are’, explains the author of the play.

Álex and Bruno, the main characters in this romantic comedy, are completely different. The fact that they are two men in love with each other is the only thing this weird couple has in common. Whether they like it or not, they are linked by the red thread (no matter how often they try to break it), even if their differences seem insuperable and their personalities antagonistic.

Clua also adds that ‘Smiley is, and wants to be, literally, a love story. It makes you laugh, it thrills you and it shows the fears we all face when we fall in love with someone from a humorous point of view. This play explains how new technologies like WhatsApp and iPhones have changed our lives and also focuses on contradictions found in gay relationships’.

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