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The exhibition “The end of the Civil War in Alicante. Repression and exile”, which will be shown in Miguel Hernández Room of UA’s Alicante City Venue until 10 December, is a unique compilation of photographs, objects and historical documents. It has been organised by the University of Alicante’s Archive of Democracy in collaboration with Alicante’s Civic Committee for the Recovery of Historical Memory.

The exhibition takes a look back to the events that marked the end of the Civil War, the repression that started with Franco’s dictatorship, and exile, where many citizens of Alicante stayed until the end of their lives. In March 1939, the province and the city of Alicante became key players in the last days of the Spanish Civil war due to several factors. First, the fact that the last Republican government, presided by Juan Negrín, was established in the region of Vinalopó Medio. Second, because thousands of Republicans left for exile from the coasts of this area, embarking in ships like the infamous Stanbrook. Third, because of the great tragedy that took place in the port of Alicante when the boats that were meant to help around fifteen thousand people escape Franco’s repression never made it to our coast due to the disengagement of western democracies.

The lives of many of them were cut short by a firing squad after a series of trials held with absolutely no legal guarantees. The rest of them were held prisoners in concentration camps and overpopulated jails, or were condemned to doing forced labour in the construction of monuments, marshes and roads.

Those who escaped to exile had to rebuild their lives in a new country, and many of them kept fighting fascism during the Second World War: thousands of people from Alicante settled in the North of Africa, in France, in the Soviet Union, in Mexico and in other countries; over two hundred were sent to nazi extermination camps, where most of them died.

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