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La Cívica-Escola Valenciana (The Valencian Civic School)

After the training experience organised by the Valencian Civic School in recent years, cooperative network 2.0 Un entre tants and UEM-UA (UA’s Multilingual Education Unit) ‘Enxarxa’t’ are to organise a new edition of training workshops on useful matters to apply in the classroom. Training activities, which begin with these kinds of matters, will end this year with ‘Jornada d’ensenyament i ús del valencià als centres educatius. Intercanvi d’experiències d’educació plurilingüe 2015’ (‘Conference for teaching and usingValencian at school. Exchanging experiences in Multilingual Education, 2015 edition’).

With this aim, three training workshops have been organised in order to foster the growth of La Escola Valenciana (The Valencian School), a quality association that focuses on facing the future using Valencian language as an unquestionable backbone and unifying force.

All workshops, which are designed for child education, primary education and secondary education teachers, will take place at UA’s Germán Bernácer Building, in classroom GB/INF3. Maximum number of participants in each workshop is 40, and admission will be based on application order. If there are more applicants than seats in a workshop, a waiting list will be set up. A 10-hour certificate will be issued for attending the three workshops, but those who do not participate in one of the workshops will not get the certification.

These workshops are organised by the UA’s Office of the Vice-President for Culture, Sports and Language Policies, UEM - UA (IIFV) and the Valencian Civic School, along with the Cooperative Network for ICT Experiences in Teaching Valencian, the Quality Valencian Schools Network and Enxarxa’t.

For further information, please refer to the Valencian Civic School of Alicante (Calle Perú 16, Block 2, Left Premise. 03008, Alicante), write an email to, call 607 930 565 or click here. For enrolment, fill out the registration form.


  • 20 January 2015, from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Workshop: ‘How to use Google Drive in the classroom’. Lecturer: Vicent Santamaria, Linguistics Technician at Concentaina Town Hall. Attendees will learn how to use Google Drive through practical lessons and activities to create and share any kind of files, but overall they will discover collaborative working methods by creating text documents in Google Docs. Furthermore, they will learn how to create interactive activities by using spreadsheets and forms, and how to evaluate the result by using complements. Requirements: to have a Google account ( in use and remember the password.

  • 17 February 2015, from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Workshop: ‘Digital presentations and oral speech. Effective communication’. Lecturer: Voro Gòmez Roselló, Language teacher at Antoni Llidó School (Xàbia). The main aim is to develop techniques and strategies, and to know ressources to create and use more effective digital presentations in order to communicate in a useful way, regardless of the technical or software resources used (PowerPoint, Keynote, Impress). Requirements: Basic knowledge of computing.

  • 17 March 2015, from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Workshop: ‘How to use tablet computers in the classroom’. Lecturer: Hermínia Pastor Pina, teacher at María Blasco School (Sant Vicent del Raspeig). She will discuss the current demand for digital devices in the classroom and explain why digital tablets are one of the most important. Workshop attendees will learn about their practical use (infrastructure, type, uses, solution of technical problems), as well as about the main programmes used for educative purposes.

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