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  • "Estudis d'Art", a tour through Valencian painting

"Estudis d'Art", a tour through Valencian painting

From 11 December to 16 January, the Museum of the University of Alicante will hold an exhibition entitled Estudis d'art and organised by Martí Domínguez. The showing includes texts, photographs and a selection of representative works aimed at depicting the importance of the artist's studio as a creative environment in the portrayal of Valencian contemporary artists.

The exhibition, to be opened at 1 p.m. on 11 December, portrays the connection between artists, their studio and their work. It is made up of 107 works, which are combined with texts by writer and columnist Martí Dominguez, along with 44 large format photographs by Jesús Císcar.   

Domínguez and Císcar have visited 44 studios from contemporary Valencian artists, such as Uiso Alemany, Andreu Alfaro, Ximo Amigó, Rafael Armengol and Jorge Ballester, among others. Besides, the exhibition includes 63 representative works by these artists (from the 70s to the present).

Throughout this double perspective (literary and photographic), witnesses can understand the mutual influence that exists between artists and their creative environment and visualise artist0 most private refuge, where their talent emerges.    

Therefore, the exhibition invites us to engage into a deep tour through Valencian painting, where different arts go hand in hand to depict an artistic reality. Moreover, some artists have drawn a sketch of their studio for the exhibition catalogue, which has brought a valuable perspective, since it offers a personal view and new keys to interpret these creative environments.

Finally, at 8 p.m. in the General-use Room of UA Museum, Martí Domínguez will give a conference about light in painting. This conference is part of the activities organised by the Science Club to commemorate the International Year of Light.


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