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From 18 December to 23 January the Museum of the University of Alicante (MUA) will host the exhibition Cul-de-sac, by Guillermo Lledó. The showing is made up of five sculptures and eight paintings.

According to exhibition commissioner Javier Martín, Guillermo Lledó’s works “resemble things that we can find in our immediate environment”. These objects can “appear in a clean and neutral exhibition space that highlights them, or in a space that is not necessarily intended for exhibitions but makes works camouflage in it”. “In both situations, paintings and sculptures communicate with the exhibition space and have been conceived as independent objects, with their own identity, which makes them acquire full significance in the connection with their surrounding environment”.


Obra de Guillermo Lledó

 One of Lledó's Cul-de-sac works

Martín explains that the works’ size “is meant to dramatically involve spectators, and to make them feel emotions that they already know”. Sculptures were designed to explore the idea of closure, remarks Martín. In order to contrast with the seriousness oozed by sculptures, paintings “provide a counterpoint colour and work as brackets or full stops in a text, that is, as a way to introduce a parallel discourse”. Both “paintings and sculptures have a high level of abstraction and a minimalist appearance. Nevertheless, they hide other meanings that are only visible when spectators walk through the artist’s works and think about the emotions they feel and the memories that come to their minds”.

Guillermo Lledó studied at the prestigious Higher School of Fine Arts in San Fernando (Madrid). His first exhibition took place at Madrid’s Cultart Gallery in 1970. Until 1976, he devoted himself to hyperrealistic urban painting. Since the late 1970s, Lledó has been displaying a sort of minimalism linked to constructivism, to which he adds his sensitivity towards materials and his containment and austerity capacity.



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