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ACUA is back: Dance, cinema, theatre, music and exhibitions to be held from february to june


ACUA 2016On 3 February, the new ACUA cultural programme for the second semester will begin at the University of Alicante.This new programme will be made up of a wide range of activities including the premiere of a dance show entirely produced by the UA. The new ACUA agenda will include ten music shows, ten theatre plays, two dance shows and the preview of the film Nueve Bares.

Education is also at the core of this new ACUA edition. For this reason, the programme will feature music and theatre shows revolving around Shakespeare and Cervantes, to mark 400 years since both geniuses of universal literature died. A teaching concert about the origins of music, from Celtic to Pop, and the usual History of Rock concert will also be offered.

Among these teaching activities, ACUA will also include the release of UA-produced shows by the university’s Theatre Club and the Lifelong Learning University, the Contemporary Dance Club and the UA Choir.



On 3 February, a concert by Valencian group Els Catarres, who will present their latest album Big Bang, will open this season’s ACUA programme. On 9 February, The Entertainers Teachers will perform a teaching concert about the origins of music, a historic overview from Celtic to Pop music. Another teaching activity will be theatre play Micropinzellades by Pascual Carbonell, to be held on 17 February.

Moreover, on 11 February, the Polytechnic University College will celebrate the 3rd edition of the Radio Day. In this 3rd anniversary, listeners will enjoy some performances and a competition to choose UA’s Best Rock Group UA, as well as the Best Radio Programme broadcast by this radio.

On 18 February, theatre group Obligatori will perform Petits Monstres, by Marilia Samper. The play explores the confrontation between two radically opposed and irreconcilable ways of seeing and experiencing the world. The next day, Nueve Bares, a film by Ángel Puado, will be previewed at the Faculty of Education.

On 24 February, the UA Choir, the Dance Club and Mare Nostrum string quartet will offer a charity concert to raise funds for the Alicante Cerebral Palsy Association. Tickets are €10.



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In March, music lovers will have the opportunity to enjoy a concert by Las Migas, a group of 4 women joined by their passion for flamenco music. Their performance will take place on 2 March, at 8 p.m., in the Auditorium. Tickets are €10.

Music will also be the protagonist on 7 March, with a recital by singer Martirio (in charge of music and lyrics), about the importance of copla music in sentimental education and its historical significance from a gender perspective. The veteran singer will perform true classics of popular culture. The show will be hosted on 7 March at 8 p.m. Entry will be free with an invitation.

On 9 March, Mexican group Catarsis will perform the play Sarah y Nora toman el café de las cinco. The play, directed and written by Juan Luis Mira, shows us a fictional meeting between stage divas Sarah Bernard and Eleonora (Nora) Duse. The play will be performed at 8 p.m. in the Halls of Residence. Entry will be free with an invitation.

A week after, students from the Master’s Degree in Applied Drama (Teada) will perform Dos entremeses y medio, to be held at noon in the Auditorium. This play has a teaching purpose and it is amusing, happy and optimistic.

On 15 March, also in the Auditorium, Circus group 9.8. will play Petita Mort, a show addressed to an adult audience where poetry and circus share intimate environments, and live music becomes the leitmotiv.


Sedientos carrusell



On 15 April, at 8 p.m., Ferroviaria group will show Sedientos. This play, by Wajdi Mouawad, “invites the audience to think about their lives, their present and future, their achievements and dreams”. It also “manages to break the fourth wall, provoking a catharsis in viewers that prompts them to value and think about their life trajectory, as well as to follow their dreams, no matter how long ago they had forgotten them”.

Among the activities addressed to high schools, Pedro Luna High School from Zaragoza will perform Miles Gloriosus (The Swaggering Soldier) by Plautus, a classic tangled comedy of complicated situations to be staged on 18 April, at 12 a.m., at the UA Auditorium.

Theatre group Bambalina Teatre Practicable will perform a play included in the activities to mark 400 years since Miguel de Cervantes died. The staging will be on 19 April, at 1 p.m., at the Graduation Hall of the Faculty of Law. In this play, two officiants dressed in black, a table, the play of light and shadows, the accurate body language and tailor-made music come together to depict a mute yet expressive Quixote, which recalls painter Goya, the Gothic period, expressionism… Entry will be free with an invitation.

Also at the core of these commemorative activities, the UA Auditorium will host a music and theatre recital, on 20 April, at noon. The first performance will be in charge of Mare Nostrum string quartet and ACTUA, who will embark the audience on a tour through some chapters of the Quixote. Storytelling will be adapted to each beat of the Burlesque Suite by Georg Philipp Telemann, a musical piece that the author composed precisely for the Quixote. Right afterwards, ACTUA will perform Shakesperience, directed by Pascual Carbonell, a show including short scenes revolving around the most important Shakespeare works. In fact, 2016 also marks 400 years since this renowned British playwright died.

On 21 April, Órbita Produccions will stage Teatre de Barra: Quatre curtmetratges teatrals, at noon in the Halls of Residence. On 26 April the usual Historia del Rock concert will be held at 11.30 a.m. in the Auditorium.

Last but not least, the Master’s Degree in Communication and Creative Industries and the Office of the Vice President for Culture, Sports and Language Policies will host the 2nd Culture Industry Day, whose motto is “Feed on Culture”.



May will be devoted to UA’s own production. Under the direction of Inmaculada Manresa, the Contemporary Dance Workshop will premiere its first play on 10 May, at 8 p.m., in the Auditorium.

In May the Theatre Club will perform two plays. On 12 May, the audience will be able to enjoy the first staging of Sophocles’ classical work Electra, directed by Ricardo Arqueros. On 17 May, Iván Carbonell will direct the play Y los peces salieron a combatir contra los hombres. Both performances will be held in the Auditorium at 8 p.m.

The UA Choir will also perform on 18 May at 8 p.m. in the Auditorium. Entrance to every show will be free with an invitation.

Finally, on 8 June, the Lifelong University will perform Caídos del Cielo, a play directed by Pascual Carbonell. The staging will be in the Auditorium and entrance will also be free with an invitation.


From February to June the UA Museum will host brand new and interesting exhibitions. More information will be available around the time of the openings.

As an advance, the Museum will exhibit Los 13 del Sidrón, an interesting scientific dissemination show which displays the analysis of skeletal remains and stone artifacts unearthed in El Sidrón cave (Asturias), discovered in 1994 by four potholers from Gijón. This finding was a turning point in our knowledge about Homo Neanderthalensis at the Iberian Peninsula.

From the end of January to late February, Ana Teresa Ortega’s exhibition Cartografías Silenciadas, a documentary photography show with pictures of the places where repression and imprisonment during Franco dictatorship took place will be open to the public. From February to May, the MUA will host an exhibition devoted to writer Juan Carlos Onetti. Other exhibitions are “Cinema in Alicante”, commissioned by Kiko Mora, and a showing devoted to Cervantes and Shakespeare to mark 400 years since both writers died.

The usual exhibitions Mulier, Mulieris (March to May) and Photoalacant (March to April) will also be present in this new edition of ACUA programme.

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