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Culture, reflection and analysis, at the heart of the Alicante City University Venue's new programme

Sede AlicanteFor the next few months, culture, reflection and analysis will be at the core of the Alicante City University Venue’s new programme. Some of the most remarkable events in the upcoming months will be the celebration of Rafael Altamira Year, World Water Day, World Environment Day, the Anniversary of the End of World War II and “History Week”, among others. 

In February, UA’s Interuniversity Institute of International Economics will hold a cycle on economy (from 1 February to 7 March) that will be coordinated by lecturer Antonio Escudero. National and UA experts will debate upon and analyse current social and economic issues.

The upcoming cultural and literary activities also include two remarkable conferences: “You are here: poetic coordinates” (on 3 February at 8 p.m.) by Spanish poet, essayist and critic Luis Bagué, and “Don Quixote’s journeys, scenery and country folk” (on 4 February at 8 p.m.) by Spanish journalist Julio Llamazares. Furthermore, the University of Alicante will be holding a series of activities to mark the 400th Anniversary of Miguel de Cervantes’ death. Also, Llamazares will be presenting his latest work Atlas de la España imaginaria, where he makes a summary of Don Quixote’s scenery and different places.

On Tuesday 9 February, History Week will start with the conference “Social Science’s take on Nationalism” by Spanish historian José Álvarez Junco (at 8 p.m.), and the official opening of the events commemorating the 150th Anniversary of Rafael Altamira’s birth. The event’s programme will be presented on 9 February at 11:30 a.m. History Week will end on 11 February with Ángel Viñas’s conference about his book La otra cara del caudillo, where he explores the unknown side of Franco.

Analysis and reflection on current issues will be the the grounds of this year’s programme, which includes several activities, such as panel discussion “Islam’s current situation in Alicante” (coordinated by lecturer Francisco Franco Sánchez, on 17 February at 8 p.m.), conference “A reflection on demobilisation, social movements, mainstream politics, collapse and alternatives” (given by Carlos Taibo and coordinated by Carlos Gómez Gil, on 24 February at 8 p.m), and “Preserving biodiversity, a social challenge” (on 25 February at 8 p.m.), a conversation on science with Miguel Delibes de Castro (Spanish biologist) and Eduardo Galante (Professor of Zoology at the University of Alicante).

March will be marked by the conference “Life of a novel” by Luis Mateo Díez (on 2 March at 8 p.m.), and the celebration of World Water Day (on 17 March), sponsored by water supplier Aguas de Alicante. The University Institute for Gender Studies Research will organise a series of activities to celebrate International Women’s Day, which will include a panel discussion on “Female entrepreneurship in Alicante” and a conference cycle on “Women in Islam” (coordinated by Naima Benaicha and Eva Lapiedra, lecturers at the University of Alicante).

After Easter break, the Alicante City University Venue will organise the following events for April, May and June: a cycle on gastronomy and Mediterranean cuisine (coordinated by Tomás Mazón) with some nationally renowned restaurant owners and cooks from the region of Alicante (La Sirena, Susi Díaz, Nou Manolín, Hotel Meliá, etc.), the 71st Anniversary of the End of World War II (from 2 to 6 May), a conference by Roberto Fernández, 2015 winner of the Spanish National History Prize (on 19 May), and a celebration-concert commemorating World Environment Day (on 5 June). There will also be a cycle entitled “Alcoi - war pictures (1936-39)” (coordinated by UA lecturer Valero Escandell, from 17 May to 26 June), that will include several conferences and a photography exhibition depicting the Spanish civil war in Alcoi. It can be enjoyed at Juana Francés Room of the Alicante City University Venue.
Sede, edificio San Fernando 40
In collaboration with Escritores de Luces, the photography association of the University of Alicante, photography contest “The skies of Alicante” will be held as well. Awards ceremony will take place on the same day as World Environment Day (on 5 June) and will be attended by the regional director of AEMET (Spanish National Meteorological Agency) at the Valencian Community.


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