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  • MUA to host "Silent maps" exhibition until 28 February

MUA to host "Silent maps" exhibition until 28 February

©Ana Teresa OrtegaFrom 21 January to 28 February the University of Alicante Museum (MUA) will host the exhibit “Silent Maps”, by Ana Teresa Ortega, at Sempere Room. The exhibition gathers 61 photographs and documents owned by the Archivo General Militar de Ávila (General Military Archive of Ávila), depicting the most representative places of Franco’s regime repression during the Spanish civil war and the post-war period, such as concentration camps, militarised correctional colonies and places where mass executions took place.

This series of photographs includes images from the facilities’ early days, back in 1936, until they were closed in 1962. These kinds of places are currently being used for different purposes and there is almost no trace of what they were used for in the past. Many of them have disappeared, while in some of them we can see a memorial plaque. According to professor Miguel Morey, the places shown in these pictures seem to be “peaceful” and “silent” as if nothing bad really ever happened.

In order to give visitors some context, Ortega’s art project includes archival documents that show and explain how camps were run: regulations, rules of procedure, plans, maps, photographs of war prisoners, etc.

In parallel to the exhibition, conference  “Between Memory and History: reflections on Franco’s regime repression during the Spanish civil war and in the post-war period” will be held.

The MUA has organised a conference day about historical memory, which will take place on 4 February. The main conferences will be given by a group of renowned experts: Mirta Nuñez (Professor of History at the Complutense University of Madrid), Miguel Morey (Professor of Philosophy at the University of Barcelona), Glicerio Sánchez (Professor of History at the University of Alicante), and Miguel Orts (Professor of History at the Miguel Hernández University of Elche).

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