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  • Premiere of 9 bares, on 19 february at the Faculty of Education

Premiere of 9 bares, on 19 february at the Faculty of Education

9 bares

Next 19 February, at 9 p.m., in the Faculty of Education Assembly Hall, the University of Alicante will be holding the premiere of Ángel Puado’s second long film 9 bares. Puado also directed El perro naranja, which also premiered at the UA.

23 actors from the region of Alicante star in this hyperlink comedy that was shot in some of the landmark bars in Alicante, such as Clan Cabaret, El Soda, Villavieja 6, Chicago, La llum, El frontera (located in San Juan beach), Chillout (at Urbanova residential area) and two restaurants: El Portal and la Ambrosía. Puado plays with time and characters, plot twists and interwoven storylines taking place at each of these bars and restaurants.

Technical crew members are the director himself (who also works at the University of Alicante) and four students from How to make a short film, a workshop taught by Puado at the Languages and Culture Service. Other members of the crew are Fernando Alvarez Plana (sound management), Jj Domenech, Carlos Coloma and Adrian Martinez Ortuño (camera-men), and Pilar Salgado (makeup). For some of the workshop students this was their first experience in a short film production. Others simply witnessed the shooting or participated as stand-ins.

Other UA workers and friends collaborated in the film as well: guitar teacher Santiago Iglesias composed some songs for the soundtrack, and local San Vicente music band “Versos Rotos” (who happen to be Puado’s former students from the short film workshop) gave up the rights for one of their songs to be played during the film’s credits.

Here you can take a look at the trailer in Spanish of 9 bares:


Santi Avendaño Martínez
José Alberto Abril Sánchez                         
Abraham Arenas Hernández          
Pilar Ruiz Antón                               
María Elena Candela Alemán             
María Cabrera Madrigal                 
Ángela Soler Lloret                           
Sergio Pérez García  
Adriana Gil Pallarés            
Enrique Francés Reig                                   
Juan Antonio Blasco Sempere       
José Tomás Mestre Damiá    
Rafael Vicente Pastor López                      
Maria Mas Capó                   
Enrique del Rio Romero      
Alejandro Fco. Sanchez Spijksma  
Manuel Francisco Palacios             
Antoni Ferri Solbes             
Damián Varea de Lamo       
Pedro García Oliva
Xavier Monzó
David Soriano Saura
Cristian López Victorio            

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