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  • "Inestablos", the new exhibition by Lidó Rico at the University of Alicante Museum

"Inestablos", the new exhibition by Lidó Rico at the University of Alicante Museum

Alicante, 16 de November 2016

"Inestablos", the latest exhibition by artist Lidó Rico, will be opened on 18 November, at 7 p.m., at the University of Alicante Museum. This mesmerising work brings art and science together in over twenty large-scale pieces and sculptures, and explores the complex world of addictions: addiction to new technologies, addiction to fanaticism, addiction to sex, addiction to violence.


This exhibition was created within the framework of project Genoarchitectures, with which the artist has been collaborating for more than three years. Lidó Rico has joined forces with neurophysiologist Kuei Y.Tseng, from Rosalind Franklin University of Chicago, and neurobiologist José Luis Ferrán, from the University of Murcia, to create a tight symbiosis between art and science. One of the most surprising things about this exhibition is that the artist used real human brains in his pieces. Click here for further information. 


Brain Session

18 November, 7 p.m.

This session is designed to celebrate the exhibition opening, and it will include several experimental sound and image screenings by Piccadilly (Tomás Martínez), who has created this performance together with Lidó Rico.  

Brain session is an audiovisual project based on sounds depicting all the emotions that are produced by our brain. This is achieved, among other ways, by using real neuron sounds recorded by Kuei Y. Tseng, a renowned American neurophysiologist specialising in addictions who is also a part of the Genoarchitectures project.

This stimulating sensory experience can be enjoyed by everyone who attends the exhibition opening. Rosa Pérez, director and conductor of Radio 3 RNA programme "Fluido en Rosa", will be there to film the event, which will be broadcast later on.

  One of the "Inestablos" exhibition pieces.

 "Brain Conferences" lecture cycle

"Art, communication and the human brain"


28 November, 8.15 p.m. Alicante City University venue

J. García Sandoval (art critic and Director of the Murcia Regional Museum of Modern Art): "Museums as vessels for emotions and the power of art as a therapy against Alzheimer's disease".  

29 November, 8.15 p.m. Alicante City University venue

Mª Carmen Carretón Ballester (member of the UA and President of AEPA):  "The social perception of epilepsy".

30 November. MUA. 

10 a.m. José A. García del Castillo (UMH): "Social networks and addiction".

11.30 a.m. N. Alberquilla (psychologist and trainer) and N. Fedasyuk (neurofitness trainer): “Neuromarketing: reading the consumer's mind”

5 p.m. J. Segura (UM) and L. Rico: "Genoarchitectures: Addictions embodied"

6.30 p.m. J. M. Zaragoza (UMH, CSIC contributor): "Do emotions have a history?"



This is what several media have been saying about the exhibition:

RNE. Fluido Rosa. Special programme from the University of Alicante Museum


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