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New ACUA programme: enjoy all the great dance, theatre and music shows that the University of Alicante will offer from January to June

Alicante, 16 December 2016

Translated by María Miró Maestre

Singer Conchita, Titoyaya Danza, UA Theatre and Contemporary Dance Clubs, Javier Robles and theatre group TEADA are some of the proposals for this semester's ACUA programme.

ACUA programme is back and ready to rock the second semester. Between January and June 2017, 19 activities will give us the opportunity to get closer to performing arts at the University of Alicante. The first show of the programme will be a recital by UA Choir on 20 January, and we will put an end to this year's ACUA with the performance of UA's Lifelong Learning Programme Theatre Club on 13 June. All along these months, the UA Auditorium will hold theatre classic performances of texts by authors such as Lorca, Arniches and Beckett; several concerts that range from classical music to contemporary pop; dance performances that will touch our hearts and make us think at the same time. In short, we will have the chance to get acquainted with the latest avant-garde trends, get immersed in the classics, analyse reality through art, and, above all, have a good time. Enjoy ACUA! 


  • We will start the month with a choir recital whose profits will go to a great cause. Do not hesitate to come to the UA Auditorium on Friday 20 January, at 8 p.m. to collaborate with our Music Fundraiser, which will include a performance by the University of Alicante Choir, directed by Shlomo Rodríguez. Tickets are €5 and all profits will go to Fundación Noray Proyecto Hombre Alicante, a non-profit organisation devoted to help people suffering from drug addictions and other addictive disorders.

  • If it is impossible for you to attend this concert in January, do not worry. On Monday 6 February, also at 8 p.m. at the UA Auditorium, you still have a chance to collaborate with social causes in our second Music Fundraiser. This time, all funds raised will go to Fundación Secretariado Gitano, a national association that works towards the integration and promotion of the Roma community. Tickets cost €3.

  • On 8 February we will kick off theatre performances with Nit de Sant Joan, by "El Pla" High School theatre club. This club already knows what it feels like to get up on the stage of the UA Auditorium. This time, they will perform a play about the shortest night of the year (23 June), which was first performed by the famous theatre company Dagoll Dagom 30 years ago. The event will be held at 11.30 a.m and the performance is basically for High Schools. However, people interested in attending the show can also buy tickets

  • Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Tony Bennett... are you already humming one of their famous songs? If so, you cannot miss the chance to see Javier Robles and his swing music show White on Black, where the artist will take us back to the stunning 1950s Las Vegas together with his jazz band and dancers. You can enjoy this show on 15 February at 8 p.m. at the UA Auditorium. Tickets cost €5. 

  • On 16 February at 8 p.m., the Polythecnic School Radio Stationwill visit the UA Auditorium to celebrate the World Radio Day for the fourth year. The first activity will be a radio programme improvisation contest with the help of the improvisational theatre group from Alicante "Improvivencia", and then we will enjoy Pura Mandangaconcert.  
  • On 22 February, at 8 p.m., a new edition of the Club 100 en vivo concert will be held at the UA. On this occasion, the featuring artist will be Conchita, who has recently released a new album entitled Incendios. Tickets are totally free, and you can pick up your invitations at Cadena 100 Radio Station in Alicante (45 Rambla Méndez Nuñez,  mezzanine floor) and at the University of Alicante, in the usual ticket sale points.   

  • We will resume theatre shows for High Schools on 28 February at 11.30 a.m. with the performance of a classic play at the Auditorium: Waiting for Godot, by Samuel Beckett, a production by Tossal Teatre. If you are part of a school and want to bring your students, you can book your tickets here. General, non-high school tickets are also available.  


  • Now it is time for contemporary dance. Proyecto Titotaya, a 10-year-old Valencian company that has ahieved international recognition, will perform at the Auditorium. They will be presenting Lluita (Fight), where they show their particular version of this concept in a stage inspired by the Japanese dohyo. It will be held on 1 March at 8 p.m.and tickets cost €5.
  • Within the framework of the University of Alicante 2017 celebration of the International Women's Day, the UA Auditorium will hold For how long, Catiline...? Monologues from women's perspective on 8 March at 7 p.m. This play is written and directed by Isabel Tomás, from theatre group Las Ladies. You can pick up your invitation at these collection points. 
  • On 15 March, at 8 p.m, the Faculty of Education will hold a baroque music concert entitled Walk in the way of Faith. It includes some of the most famous works by J. S. Bach and Henry Purcell. 152 will be the group in charge of the recital. It is made up by members of the  Contrapunctum Chamber Choir, who will have the opportunity to show their skills as instrumentalists accompanied by two professional singers who are also members of the choir. Entrance is by invitation only.

  • Come and join us in the celebration of the 150th anniversary of Carlos Arniches' birth with El Método Gorritz. El Musical. This is a version of the a play by Arniches with the same name. Although this is one of the least known works by the writer from Alicante, it contains all the ingredients to be staged with the grace, originality and irony that the author always displayed.  You can collect your invitation at the usual ticket sale points; the play will take place on 22 March, at 8 p.m., at the UA Auditorium.    
  • It is now time for a original contemporary play. On 5 April at 8 p.m., we will have the chance to see the theatre group from Catalonia La Calòricaat the UA Auditorium. About the phenomenon of shitty jobs is a "show of brief, intense and direct stories where we ask ourselves what "work" is, why we do it, how it represents us, and why we devote the most important part of our lives to it, all with large doses of humour". If you don't want to miss it, you can buy your tickets for €5.


  • It is now time for The History of Rock, a time travel that brings us closer and presents the history of this musical genre from its birth, beginnings, instruments and evolution. With professional live musicians, educational projections and unforgettable anecdotes of each song, you can show off your rocker side on 3 May 11.30 a.m. at the UA Auditorium, in a performance especially aimed at High Schools (but, like in every event, general audience can also buy tickets). 
  • At the UA, May is the time to show the work developed in the different Cultural Clubs, and this year could not be an exception. On 16 May it is the turn of the UA Theatre Club and, in particular, the group devoted to contemporary theatre. Under the direction of Toni Ferri, they will premiere Besos, a play about love written by Carles Alberola and Roberto García, a usual duo from one of the most traditional theatre companies of our region: Albena Teatre. The performance will be held at the UA Auditorium at 8 p.m. Entrance is by invitation only.

  • After its charity event in January, the University of Alicante Choir, directed by Shlomo Rodríguez, will come back to show us all the work carried out by the musical club during the year. It will take place on 17 May and it will have the same timetable as the other UA Clubs events: at 8 p.m. at the UA Auditorium. Entrance is by invitation only.
  • The Contemporary Dance Club, under the supervision of Inmaculada Manresa, will show its project on 23 May at 8 p.m. In love is a play that attempts to materialise the indescribable nature of love: a space, a shape, a smell, a sound, a substance, blooming and emptiness, charm and disappointment...  If you wish to immerse yourself in this sea of emotions, do not hesitate to pick up your ticket.
  • On 19 May, more premieres by the UA Theatre Club will come. The classic theatre group, under the direction of Iván Jiménez, will perform Comedia sin título, the great play that Federico García Lorca was writing at the time he was shot, 80 years ago. It is included in Impossible Theatre trilogy, together with When Five Years Pass and The public. Timetable and tickets are the same as before, at 8 p.m., by invitation only.

  • UA premieres will be taking a break in May, but there will be plenty of other proposals. May will come to an end with the last edition of our Music Fundraiser for the second semester of academic year 2016/17, which will be held on 27 May. On this occasion, we will take pleasure with the lyric and poetic recital based on texts by F. G. Lorca. This show, which already got up on stage with the Theatre Club, will come back again to the Auditorium with lyric soprano Ascensión Padilla and poet José Luis Rico. They will be accompanied by pianist Shlomo Rodríguez,(director of our Choir), illustrator Alissia, and Miquel Ortega, who composed the music for the soundtrack of Lorca's poems. At 6.30 p.m. at the University of Alicante Auditorium. Tickets wil cost €10. All funds raised will go to ADEMA (Alicante Multiple Sclerosis Association).

  • ACUA programme will bid farewell to this year's programme with the final show created in our university: Pluto, by Aristophanes. It will be staged by the Theatre Club of the Lifelong Learning Programme (UPUA), which is made up by the most veteran actors. Pluto, the god of wealth, will come to life at the UA Auditorium in a harsh comedy directed by Pascual Carbonell. The will be held on 13 June at 8 p.m. Entrance is by invitation only.



Ten new exhibitions will be shown at the University of Alicante Museum (MUA) and Aifos Exhibition Room (Faculty of Arts 3).

We will begin the art programme with the exhibition "Poema envasado al vacío" ("A vacuum-packed poem") by Rafael Maestro. The author will disentangle, with an ironic vision from art itself, how culture affects society and how the latter fights back. Art can be considered dangerous and it sometimes has to be vacuum packed in order to isolate it. (Opening on 19 January at 7 p.m. MUA-Sempere Exhibition Hall).

On 27 January MUA will open one of the most important exhibitions of the programme for this semester: an original exhibition devoted to Arcadi Blasco. The exhibition "Arcadi Blasco. Art, arquitectura i memòria (1954-1974)", which is curated by José Piqueras, will be shown at "El Club" exhibition hall. This display will try to describe and spread the artistic works that Blasco created for several temples and civil buildings in collaboration with some architectures during his youth. In other words, it will show us Arcadio's work before he began his artistic period with stained glass, mosaics and ceramic murals.  

February will include an exhibition devoted to Marie Curie at the Aifos exhibition hall and the photographic artwork made by José Antonio Robés at MUA's "Cool" exhibition hall. Robés has created a unique collection of photographs for “El vigilante de la nieve”, which is the title of one of the most symbolic poetic works by Antonio Gamoneda (Miguel de Cervantes Award 2006). Both authors wanted to share their work and join the creations they did with the same main idea, in an individual way.

Ovidi (MUA-Cool Exhibition Hall), Mulier, Mulieris (MUA-Sempere Hall) and Intérpretes de Nuremberg (Aifos Exhibition Room), will be the three exhibitions displayed in March. The traditional Social Humour exhibition will open to the public in May at Aifos Exhibition Room and we will finish the programme with the exhibition Photo Alacant (MUA-General-use Room) and Contemporary Art Gatherings (EAC), in June.

Check out our section and the University of Alicante Museum's (MUA) webpage


Invitation pick-up and information points:

Ticket sale: Tickets are available at Compás Bookshop (no. 35 on the campus map), on Instant Ticket (online), and on-venue an hour before the show starts. 

Tickets for High School sessions: Tickets cost €3. For grouop bookings, please contact:

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