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Unpaired socks, UA's new collaborative series

Alicante, 7 December 2016  

Last 28 November a new audiovisual project produced by our university was released. Let us introduce you: Unpaired socks.  

This series will tell the story of the ups and downs of three university students: Rubén, África and Gabi. Together with their friends, they will show us the classic avatars of the student's life, from the most amusing and fresh anecdotes to their most private worries and insecurities. All this with a humorous tone that will get you hooked from the very beginning!  

This collaborative project is promoted by EPS Radio Station (the Polytechnic School radio) and has the support of both UA Culture and the Observatory for Observatory for Labour Market Integration. Anyone interested will have the opportunity to proposewhat the future will hold for each of the protagonists viaFacebook. Since we only have the pilot chapter at the moment, you can watch it and make any suggestions for the next one.

You will be able to see how everything goes in each chapter through this website. 



Unpaired socks, (1x01)  




Artistic and technical team

Javier Pérez Pérez
Carlos Navarro González
Yasmina Algarra
Juan Torres Becerra
Luis Caballos Almendros
Sara Cuenca

Original idea:
Carlos Guillem

David Muñoz

Pep Rubio
Raúl García
Carlos Guillem

Javier Pastor
María Sánchez
Jorge Ribes

Music and soundtrack:

Antonio David Ruiz Quero
Ángel Pastor

Film editing:
Polytechnic School radio station (EPS)

Casting director:
Ángel Caparrós

Director assistant:
María Barquilla

Costume design:
Nadia Lara Martín
Regina Sanz

Set design:
Yaman Maldonado

Social networks:
Aaron Campos
Nadia Lara Martín

Script assistants: 
Nadia Lara Martín, Regina Sanz
Aaron Campos, Yaman Maldonado




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