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International women's day celebrations on 8 March

This year, the University of Alicante will once again organise and participate in a wide range of cultural activities to mark International Women’s Day.

Educational activities to be held this month include a course on gender violence entitled “Gender violence from the point of view of the criminal legal system and criminology” (4, 11 and 18 March) and conference “Women in the 21st century: an ever-growing tree” (7 March), as well as a panel discussion about Women and Science (7 March), the 4th Female Research day (8 March), conferences “Magrebi women and the challenges of society” (8 March), “A woman’s take on poverty-related illnesses” (8 March) and “Feminist research in modern history” (8 March), “Women’s visibility in diversity” day (10 March), and conference “Girls, grandmothers, warriors and witches: Miyazaki’s protagonists” (5 May).

As usual at the UA, music and theatre will also be at the core of the celebrations. First, Las Migas band will give a concert on campus (2 March), followed by a sung conference by singer Martirio that has been defined as “a recital of music and lyrics” (7 March). On 9 March, theatre play Sarah y Nora toman el té de las cinco will be staged on campus, followed by poetry recital “Eva’s Voices” on 21 March, to mark 2016 World Poetry Day.

In March and April, the University of Alicante will also be offering a series of exhibitions such as "¡No tiene nombre!" (UMH, Almansa Women’s Centre and Aspe Youth Centre), "¡No tengo dueño!" (El Campello Town Hall), "Dones LTB i economia: precarietat, lluita i conquestes laborals", on the relationship between lesbian, transexual and bisexual women and economy (San Fernando, 40 University Venue), "Mujer y liderazgo" (Women and Leadership) (Faculty of Economics’ Library), "Spanish women on the rise" (Aspe History Museum) and the 10th “Mulier, Mulieris” international plastic arts contest, to be held at the Museum. For further information, please click here.  

Martirio ©Moi Fernández

Last but not least, the University of Alicante will also be supporting and attending the International Women’s Day demonstration on 6 March, the awards ceremony for 2016 IgUAldad-UA prize, the 7th Gender Study in Public Valencian Universities gathering (7 March), and will pay tribute to Vanessa R. Yepes, recipient of the Spanish “Best programme against gender violence” award (9 March).


For further information on all activities, please click here.

 Happy International Women’s Day! 


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