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  • Alicante City University Venue to host "Rafael Altamira, un alacantino universal"

Alicante City University Venue to host "Rafael Altamira, un alacantino universal"

Alicante, 13 April 2016

Within the framework of the 150th Anniversary of Rafael Altamira y Crevea’s birth celebration, the University of Alicante will be holding an exhibition to honour this international historian from our region. From 14 April to 19 May, the exhibition can be enjoyed at the Alicante City University Venue (Juana Francés Room), located at Ramón y Cajal, 4. The official opening will be on Thursday 14 April at 8.15 p.m.

The opening act will be attended by Carles Cortés (Vice President for Culture, Sports and Language Policies of the UA), Jorge Olcina (director of the Alicante City University Venue), José Miguel Baeza (headmaster of Jorge Juan High School), Pilar Altamira (Rafael Altamira’s granddaughter) and María Marco (exhibition curator).

In his will, Rafael Altamira bequeathed for most of the book collection that he kept in his El Campello (Alicante) house, together with a large number of his personal documents, to be given to Jorge Juan High School (also located in Alicante). This exhibition-tribute gathers a small part of his legacy and includes several explanatory panels about Altamira’s figure and life, as well as a series of personal items.

Among the great historian and humanist’s personal items we can find a gold watch from the nineteenth century, hand-painted fans, several carved metal, bone and amber letter openers (which also date back to the nineteenth century), a prayer book, a fountain pen made out of silver (which was a gift from the Alicante Business School), and a glass bell jar from Santa Faz monastery in Alicante (also from the nineteenth century). This public showing also includes several drawings from the Spanish costumbrismo current, a portrait of Rafael Altamira and a caricature.

The UA, the Juan Gil Albert Culture Centre, the City Councils of Alicante and El Campello, and Jorge Juan High School have worked together on this commemorative programme, which was presented last February. You can check the complete programme here:

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