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'Lapso': a show by UA's Dance Club

Alicante, 26 April 2016

In May, the shows agenda of the Office of the Vice President for Culture, Sports and Language Policies will be totally dedicated to UA’s own artistic production. It will start with Lapso (directed by Inmaculada Manresa), which will be performed by students of the UA Contemporary Dance Club at the Auditorium, on 10 May at 8 p.m. Entrance is free by invitation, which can be retrieved at the cultural information point of the University of Alicante Museum (MUA).


Lapso, de l'Aula de Dansa de la UA
Lapso is about the subjectivity of time and its course, about waiting, about the present moment, about the distance… It is about feeling  time going by and how this affects us, about the weight of the past, our experiences, all the moments, the emotions... It is about what to do about time passing by or stopping, about how to measure time with the movements of our body, with our thoughts or even space. Lapso is also a combination of assumptions and questions that freeze the continuous and unalterable passage of time. How long does the emotion in a gesture last? And the memory of a specific place? Where do we keep time? How long does the sound of the wind last?

Samara Campaña
Diana Guijarro
Mónica Arribas
Nereida Trellis
Aldo Cusumano
Maria González
Virginia Soledad Greco
Juan Miguel Gosálbez
Alba Richart
Elizabeth Medina
Sayil Johanson
Helena Valozic

SHOW DURATION: 45 minutos
SCENOGRAPHY AND IMAGE by Aldo Cusumano and Juan Miguel Gosálbez
COSTUME DESIGN by Nereida Trellis
STAGE LIGHTING by Jordi Chicoy

Information brochure in PDF (in Spanish)




"In October we started the selection process to choose the students who would be a part of the UA Contemporary Dance Club; 12 of them made it through the cut. Shortly after, we started the training and creative processes that have led us to create the show Lapso. We will be performing it for the first time on 10 May.

For students, having the possibility to create and to perform in a show is not only a source of knowledge on contemporary dance techniques and styles, but also an approach to realistic staging. Once the play creation and writing stage is completed, students can experience other essential aspects in the staging process such as rehearsals, emotional and physical preparation, teamwork under the guidance of the director, and each student’s own proposals and ideas for the show. At the end of this intense process, the students will have the opportunity to perform in front of an audience (most of them for the first time), to show all the work that has been done during this academic year and to confirm that the Dance Club is a true laboratory for emotional, individual and dance creation.

Dance Club students are not just mere performers. Thanks to them, I have the chance to improve as a director, grow as a professional artist  and learn from their proposals and versatility. I am so grateful for their involvement, and I want to express my gratitude, especially to  Aldo, Juanmi and Nereida for their help and work on  scenography, costume design and image. Thank you very much”.

Inmaculada Manresa

Lapso - Aula de Danza UA - 5
Lapso - Aula de Danza UA - 4
Lapso - Aula de Danza UA - 6
Lapso - Aula de Danza UA - 7
Lapso - Aula de Danza UA - 1
Lapso - Aula de Danza UA - 2
Lapso - Aula de Danza UA - 3
Lapso - Aula de Danza UA - 8
Lapso - Aula de Danza UA - 9


The UA Dance Club's main goal is to bring all kinds of dance closer to UA students through academic training (workshops on different styles and techniques), promotion of artistic staging and participation in shows for all ages.

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