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  • MUA to host the 2nd edition of "Feed on Cul..e Culture and Creative Industries encounter

MUA to host the 2nd edition of "Feed on Culture", the Culture and Creative Industries encounter

Participants will include Alicante-born rapper Arkano, film director Miguel Herrero (“Operasiones Espesiales”), make-up artist Raúl Rodríguez (member of make-up crew for “Gravity” and “Terminator III”), and video blogger Carolina Selles, among others.

This 2nd Feed on Culture edition will be the perfect occasion for the Alicante fashion, music, art, audiovisuals and publishing industries to promote their products, as well as for new creative talents from the University of Alicante to make themselves known. Attendees will enjoy conferences, workshops, live concerts, DJ sessions, live graffiti painting, a stand area and two exhibitions: Alicante-shot movies and new creative talents from the UA. “Feed on Culture” is organised by the students of the MA in Communication and Creative Industry (COMINCREA) of the University of Alicante, together with MUA.

Alicante, 15 April 2016

On Thursday 28 April, from 10 a.m. until midnight, the University of Alicante Museum will be hosting the 2nd edition of Feed on Culture, the culture and creative industries encounter.

This project's first edition took place last year, and was an initiative of UA lecturer Kiko Mora. This year, “Feed on Culture” will include a series of conferences and workshops, a concert by rapper Arkano, two DJ sessions, live performances of bands Artesanos del Rap, Bous and Fat Cat Heart Attack, two exhibitions (Alicante-shot movies and new creative talents from the UA), and two live graffiti-painting sessions by artists Jaume Alemañ and Sergio Gineres. But this will not be all: make-up artist Raúl Rodriguez (who worked in Gravity and Terminator II), Miguel Herrero (director of 2014 film Operasiones Espesiales and 2015 documentary Proyecto USA), and video blogger Carolina Selles will also be attending this year’s Feed on Culture.




Alimentate 2016 - Taller maquillaje 2



In this edition’s outdoors stand area, visitors can enjoy a wide selection of books thanks to Librería Terrafema, discover this year’s lineup at Low Festival’s booth, taste homemade food and souvenirs at “La guapa”, try out vegan food at “Paladar la Casa Blanca”, learn about organic farming at “Permalicante”, discover vintage fashion at “Guetto Gato”, shop for aprons at “Dee Organic”, and buy some clothes at “Meliorism” to support social, animal and environmental causes.


Stand de Moda
Stand Dee Organic
Stand Ghetto
Stand La Guapa
Stand Meliorim
Stand de Comida Gourmet
Alimentate 2016 - Stand La Guapa
Stand Paladar La Casa
Stand Permalicante
Stand Terraferma
Stand de Libros

With a view to promoting encounters between professionals in the Alicante culture sector and the audience, and give new talents from the university community a chance to promote their work, three conferences will be included in this year’s Feed on Culture edition: “Entrepreneurship within the culture industry”, “How to publish your own book” and “Unusual artistic works”. There will also be five workshops:  “Watercolour painting: workshops and textures”, “Factory Chic”, “Video blogging”, “Costume design in cinema”, and “Photomobile lab”. Live fashion Photoshoot activities “From shops to magazines” and a conference/activity on “Human replicas and horror make-up” will also be held.


Charla Publica tu propio libro
Taller VideoBlogging
Taller Photomobile
Taller Figurismo MUA
Taller acuarela



Exhibition “Alicante se Rueda” is also a part of  Feed on Culture. It will be inaugurated on 21 April at 7 p.m., at MUA’s El Cub Hall, and will remain open until 31 May. This exhibition shows a series of films shot in the Alicante region between 1902 and 2015, and it is co-organised by MUA, COMINCREA master’s degree and Juan GIl Albert Culture Institute. Las Cigarreras Culture Centre, the Alfaz del Pi Town Council, and the Alicante Municipal Archive have also collaborated in this project. The exhibition is almost entirely based upon a collection donated by Alicante cinema entrepreneur Paco Huesca (which is kept in Las Cigarreras main premises), as well as some materials from the Alicante Municipal Archive, the Alicante Provincial Council and a series of private collectors.


Alicante se rueda (1)
Alicante se rueda (2)



UA’s got talent exhibition is commissioned by lecturer Enric Mira and managed by student Elena González. It is an initiative fostered by Feed on Culture in order to allow emerging artists within the University of Alicante’s community to show their works to the public. This exhibition includes photographs, paintings, drawings and graphic designs by twenty selected authors: Ana Boix, Antonio López, Antonio Ríos, Carlos González, Christopher Macquet, Fernando Bañuls, Javier Abellán, Jennifer Boente, Jorge Flores, José Miguel Asencio, José Miguel Blanco, Juan Más, Lucía Navarro, Macarena Rico, Marta Cayetano, Nerea García, Pablo González, Pablo López, Santiago Moya and Yago Quilez. It will be open from 28 April until late May at MUA’s general-use room.

Aliméntate 2016 - Talento UA



Agenda Alimentate 2016


Mapa Aliméntate 2016

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