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  • The Polytechnic School Radio Day will be ma..provisations and a concert by Pura Mandanga

The Polytechnic School Radio Day will be marked with improvisations and a concert by Pura Mandanga

Alicante 18 January 2017

Translated by María Navarro Martínez

The University of Alicante Polytechnic School Radio will hold a grand celebration on the fourth World Radio Day. On Thursday 16 February, from 7 p.m., a gala will take place at the UA Auditorium, where we will find out which is the most popular radio show of the 2016-17 academic year, and where the audience will be able to enjoy different performances:

 Entrance will be invitation only, and tickets can be picked up in the usual places: MIC (Cultural Information Point of the University of Alicante Museum - no. 40 on the campus map). Tel. 965909387; PIC (Cultural Information Point. Auditorium Patio - no. 11 on the map). Tel. 965903725. . 

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ImproVivencia is a theatre improvisation company based in Alicante that was established in 2012. In their performances all over Spain they tell unique and one-off stories: there is no script, everything is made up spontaneously thanks to their creativity. Apart from their shows, they also do improvisations in other types of events and in other formats. Pedagogy is the company's cornerstone.


Chema Ruíz

«With a straightforward, natural, close to the public and mischievous humour that he blames life for, Chema Ruiz (Murcia, 1984) is not looking for fame or money, he just wants to be able to work and live off comedy, a genre with which he wants to amuse his audience and make their lives a bit brighter. A fan of the humour of Martes y Trece, Gomaespuma, Cruz y Raya (Spanish comedians) and Jerry Seinfeld, from a very young age he already mimicked the sketches of his favourite comedians, thanks to which he realised that laughter "was a very powerful resource"». Source:

Pura Mandanga

Pura Mandanga is a music band established in Alicante around 2010. Since the very beginning, the band stood out due to their mix of different styles such as bossa-nova, rock, cumbia, ska or reggae, their thoughtful lyrics, their cheeky and festive style, and their concerts, in which theatre also has a place.

Band members are Iván Serrano (Billy), guitar, lead vocals and songwrting; Juan Manuel Ramos, bass; Kevin Mendes, Latin percussion; Dani Beng, drums, Adrián Berenguer, sax; and Paco Alemany, electric guitar. They have already given more than 300 concerts in 5 years.

In 2010, the band released an acoustic demo named "Todo o nada" with the purpose of making themselves known locally. It was recorded in "Estudio Sacaramento" in Alicante.

"Especie Animal" is the tittle of their first album, which was released on 4 May 2012. The band toured Spain and Portugal to present it.

In 2015, Pura Mandanga released "Entre la tierra y el mar", their latest album, where a great evolution can be seen. The album's live concerts are impressive while maintaining the heart and soul of their songs.



Polytechnic School Radio Station

The University of Alicante Polytechnic School Radio Station was created in 2009 as an à la carte radio station in which you can listen to liveprogrammes, choose among the recordings available in the sound archive, or even download podcasts to listen to them wherever and whenever you want.




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