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Exhibition series held in Alcoy from November to January with the Antoni Miró Research Chair in Contemporary Art

Alicante, 30 November 2017

Translated by Salomé García

Within the framework of its activities to promote contemporary art, especially related to the Valencian context, the Antoni Miró Research Chair contributes to the organisation of three exhibitions in the city of Alcoy that will be open to the public until the end of January. 

Metaphor. Fragments of visual poetry

Collective exhibition


“Metaphor is both a literary and linguistic device, certainly used more often than not in psychology. The world of imagery, such as Visual Poetry, is full of constant  metaphors. Depending on how one looks at it, this exhibition counts on quite stimulating metaphors for both contemplation and reading.

Poets, acting as visual poets now, take in reality, modify the logical order of things and stand up for their perspective on the world around them. However, the reviews from  the poets taking part in this significant exhibition are suggested from an open perspective rather than dealing with their personal analysis.”



To Cuba. Revolution and photography

Collective exhibition


“This sample of Cuba’s photo library focuses on several matters. First of all, let us mention the selection of artists, including some outstanding figures like José Algraz and Jorge Valiente, as well as broadly recognised artists like Humberto Mayol and José Julián Martí. Likewise, younger photographers working on innovative lenses right now will also take part in this exhibition. In the middle of this spectrum of photographers, we can find young artists already known in the history of Cuban photography. Just  to name but a few, Raúl Cañibano, Ricardo G. Elías, Liudmila and Nelson, Ossain Raggi, Jorge Luis Álvarez and Leysis Quesada are some of the young photographers involved in this movement.

These photographs show the connection between historic past and essential present. Today’s Cuba plays the leading role and the artists selected have managed to provide this perspective through their photographs.”

Rafael Acosta

A Cuba


To Miguel Hernàndez, setanta-cinc per setanta-cinc

Collective exhibition


“Miguel Hernández represents the identity of a poet committed to his era and his people, as well as freedom and democracy. Even though tragedy took this talented artist too early, Miguel Hernández is still one of the leading global figures. In his poetry, he combined tragic experiences with an exalted view of nature and love. Moreover, he managed to transform the social commitment of his time into poetry. He was able to create some of the most prestigious works in Spanish poetry out of the most humble origins.

For all these reasons, together with his artistic quality at his time, nowadays and in the future , it is highly important to underline the way his work and life events are part of our identity as Valencians."

Ximo Puig


A Miquel Hernández

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