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OFUA special concert at Alicante Main Theatre to raise funds for ALINUR

The concert will take place on 10 May and it is sponsored by Vectalia and Hidraqua

Alicante, 4 April 2017

Translated by María Navarro Martínez

On 10 May, the University of Alicante Philharmonic Orchestra (OFUA) will celebrate its 11th anniversary by holding a concert at Alicante Main Theatre at 8 p.m. It will be a charity concert for ALINUR (school for intellectually impaired people), sponsored by Grupo Vectalia and Hidraqua. You can already buy your tickets for 15 Euro. Besides, those who wish to participate but cannot attend the concert will be able to help through donation tickets.

Mihnea Ignat, OFUA's tenured and artistic conductor, has designed a musical programme with pieces by Mozart for this special occasion: Serenade no. 13 for strings in G major k. 525 - 1st movement allegro; Violin Concerto No. 3 in G major, K. 216; and Symphony No. 29 in A major, K. 201/186a.

Darling Dyle, concertmaster of the Symphonic Orchestra of Murcia Region, will perform as a soloist in this OFUA special concert.



ALINUR is a Special Education Centre for intellectually impaired people in Alicante. Since 1991, it has been giving young boys and girls an opportunity to continue their studies at a specialised centre after completing obligatory education by offering tailor-made courses adapted to the student's learning progress. ALINUR's comprehensive education project is based on emotional intelligence. This methodology offers new alternatives for the education and training of intellectually impaired people in all stages of their psychological, intellectual, social, physical and emotional development.


Darling Dyle

Dyle comes from Albania and has been living in Murcia since 1994. He is the concertmaster of the Symphonic Orchestra of Murcia Region and a lecturer at the Murcia Higher Conservatory of Music. He is one of the Orchestra's founding members and one of the few who have been playing in it for two decades straight. He started his violin studies at the Tirana Music School (Albania), and graduated with the highest marks in the Academy for young talents of the Artistic Lyceum (Tirana). He was awarded the second prize and an honour commendation in two editions of the Albania National Violin Contest. He finished his studies under professor D. Joaquín Palomares at the Murcia Higher Conservatory of Music, where he received the Spanish National Award for Excellent Academic Performance in violin and chamber music. In academic year 2001/02, he became a violin professor at the Murcia Higher Conservatory of Music.

Furthermore, he has been a jury member in the last three editions of the Murcia International Festival of Youth Orchestras, as well as in the "Villa de Cox" Musical Performance Contest. He is a violin teacher at Sent-Me, a symposium about new music and teaching trends held in Concentaina (Alicante). He has worked with very prestigious conductors such as Tamás Vásáry, Alexander Vedernikov and Cristian Badea, as well as internationally renowned soloists such as Mischa Maisky, Pierre Amoyal, Lluis Claret, SolGabeta and Asier Polo. He has performed as a soloist in the Symphonic Orchestra of Murcia Region, in the Czestochowa Philharmonic Orchestra (Poland), in the Alicante Symphonic Orchestra, and in Amicitia Chamber Orchestra. He is a concert master for Solistas Mediterráneos, and the founder of "Sine Tempore Ensemble". Since 2004 he has been the concertmaster for the Symphonic Orchestra of Murcia Region. The violin he plays in his performances was made by Eugenio Praga (Genoa) in 1892.


About the Orchestra

The University of Alicante's Office of the Vice President for Culture, Sports and Language Policies is committed with promoting culture as a part of its students' comprehensive training. With this aim, in 2005 the UA started a pioneer and innovative university project: the creation of its own Philharmonic Orchestra with an emphasis on the musicians' education. This project that started out just as an idea in 2005 is now celebrating its 11th anniversary. Nowadays, the OFUA has become an extremely successful key member in the Alicante musical scene.

In the first decade after its creation, the OFUA has provided musical training for over 300 students. Thanks to this high-quality training, some of them now belong to very important European and National professional orchestras, such as the Finnish National Opera, the Karajan Academy of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra in Manchester, the Spanish National Orchestra, and the Spanish National Youth Orchestra. Orchestra members come and go naturally and progressively, so the growth and development of the orchestra remains unaltered.

The OFUA at the Alicante Main Theatre in 2016


Press conference to present the concert

A press conference was held on 4 April 2017 and was attended by  Manuel Palomar, the University of Alicante President; Francesc Sanguino, manager of the Main Theatre; Monica Martí, Vice President of University of the Alicante General Foundation and Vice President of the Office of the Vice President for Economic Planning; Carles Cortés, Vice President for Culture, Sports and Languages; Antonio Nofuentes; chairman of ALINUR; Antonio Arias, CEO of Vectalia; Francisco Bartual, general manager of Hidraqua; and Concha Aldave, director of Manuel Peláez Foundation..

In this press conference, Manuel Palomar, President of the University of Alicante stressed the importance of the cooperation agreement between the UA and the Alicante Main Theatre that was signed in February, according to which both institutions will strengthen their cooperation and combine their efforts to promote culture. The celebration of the "OFUA spring concert" that was presented today as a part of the Alicante MainTheatre official programme was set forth in said agreement. Since 2006, the OFUA has performed in the Alicante Main Theatre seven times. The university and the theatre started working together again in April 2016, five years after their latest joint concert.

Palomar also highlighted the importance of the concert sponsors, Vectalia e Hidraqua, and expressed his gratitude to them and to Manuel Peláez Foundation (the orchestra's annual sponsor) because "without them it would be impossible to carry out these cultural and charitable performances".

During the presentation, Francisco Bartual emphasised that "it has been three years since Hidraqua started cooperating in the organisation of these charity concerts, and that direct participation in the association or foundation that the funds raised will go to is a priority for the company, as shown by its cooperation with the Food Bank and San Rafael Centre. This is why, a week ago, the Hidraqua Board of Directors visited ALINUR's facilities to know their comprehensive training project based on emotional intelligence first-hand".

At the end of the press conference, Palomar signed ad-hoc cooperation agreements with Antonio Arias (CEO of Vectalia) and Francisco Bartual (general manager of Hidraqua), as the sponsors of the OFUA spring concert at the Alicante Main Theatre.








The OFUA at the Alicante Main Theatre in 2016

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