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  • The UA presents its brand new 2017 Rafael Altamira Summer Programme

The UA presents its brand new 2017 Rafael Altamira Summer Programme

The most important changes are the inclusion of Denia and Torrevieja as new course venues, the new agreements with the CEFIRE (Office of Education, Culture and Sport of the Valencia Region Government) for the recognition of specialised summer courses, and the courses sponsored by Spanish and EU R&D projects.

You can register from 15 May

Alicante, 15 May 2017

Translated by María Navarro Martínez

The University of Alicante presents its 2017 "Rafael Altamira" summer courses with 54 proposals closely related to the professional world that will cover a wide range of topics from different perspectives.

In this new edition of the summer courses the priority lies in offering courses closely related to the professional world from a practical point of view, courses on Equality and Environment (as in previous editions), maintaining institutional cooperation with the ICALI (Alicante Bar Association), the CNP (Spanish National Police), and the Valencia Region Government, as well as in combining new technologies with a humanistic and international dimension. The large amount of courses sponsored by Spanish and EU R&D projects also stands out.

Out of the 54 courses offered in the 2017 Rafael Altamira summer programme, 22 will take place on campus1 at the Alicante City University Venue4 at the Ciudad de la Luz film studios, and 27 at the University Venues and at the towns of Cocentaina, Alcoi, L’Alcudia, Benissa, Crevillent, Denia, La Nucia, Torrevieja, Villena, Xixona, Elda and Petrer.

As mentioned above, this year's course offer has very specific purposes. Firstly, the courses are closely related with the professional world, and cover a wide range of areas, from criminology to data mining, from expert environmental activity to social work on health-care and dependency, from archaeology to literary translation, and from international volunteering to nutrition science. Secondly, they tackle a large variety of topics: law and criminal psychology, social science, business administration, history/culture/art, education, sport, computing, environment, cinema, archaeology, etc. Finally, they explore a wide amount of topics such as new legislation, gender and equality, teaching innovation, and introduction to cinema, among others. Besides, new venues such as Denia, Torrevieja, Petrer and Elda have been included. After their great success last year, this year 4 courses at the Ciudad de la Luz will be offered again.

Ciudad de la Luz is a privileged environment for courses co-organised with the Valencia Region Government. They are appealing both for the topics addressed and for the teachers' career in great film-making. Among them is Javier Olivares, script writer of the successful series Ministerio del Tiempo, who will teach how to adapt literature to television, and Luis Ivars, nominated for the Goya Awards twice, who will illustrate the challenges of music in the audiovisual context. The Introduction to Cinema workshop was extremely popular among pre-university students last year, and therefore, it is also offered this year during July.  Besides, Pilar Pérez Solano, along with academic supervisors Juan Antonio Ríos and John Sanderson, will give a new course about audiovisual tax law, one of the more unexplored sides of cinema studies. 

Once again, the summer programme will include four international courses and the "Concha Colomer" symposium. Some of the courses have been held in previous editions, such as the marketing and business course with Missouri University, and the economy and society course with the Caledonian University of Scotland. Others, like the Extremophiles Microbiology course (organised by the Physiology, Genetics and Microbiology area) and the two courses on Community Nursing in public healthcare, are new.

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Courses' full programme:


The UA Rafael Altamira summer courses is among the 581 training courses proposed by the Vives Network. 2017 summer courses guide, Vives Network

Press conference to present the courses (15/5/2017 at Alicante City University Venue)

Manuel Palomar (UA president), Catalina Iliescu (academic coordinator of the courses), Fernando Candela (chairman of the Alicante Bar Association —ICALI), and Luis Miguel Saldaña (chief commissioner of operations of Alicante Region) attended the press conference. Palomar has specified that "it is prioritary for the UA to continue co-organising courses with our veteran partners such as ICALI and CPN, and new ones such as the Pedro Ferrándiz Research Chair in Sports, the Telefónica Research Chair in Human Language Technology, and the Valencia Region Government. Cooperation with the latter is done through cinema courses at Ciudad de la Luz and two other courses offered with the help of the Regional Department of Transparency, Social Responsibility, Participation and Cooperation".

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