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The Manuel Peláez Foundation renews its agreement to sponsor the University of Alicante Philharmonic Orchestra

Alicante, Wednesday 24 October 2018.


Translated by Amie Jo Petherbridge 


The Manuel Peláez Foundation and the University of Alicante have renewed once again their agreement to sponsor the musical project led by the UA Philharmonic Orchestra (OFUA). The agreement was signed in the UA President's office by the Manuel Peláez Foundation President Carmen Robles and University President Manuel Palomar. Mónica Martí, Vice President for Economic Planning and Vice Chairwoman of University of the Alicante General Foundation, also attended the ceremony accompanied by Vice President for Culture, Sports and Languages Carles Cortés, University of Alicante Registrar Esther Algarra and Chair of the Manuel Peláez Foundation Concha Aldave.


The Manuel Peláez Foundation sponsorship provides funding for training fellowships that are offered to the OFUA musicians, as well as a concert series that is organised every year by the University. President Manuel Palomar wished to highlight the educational nature of the OFUA and thanked the Manuel Peláez Foundation for their collaboration, as year after year, they have provided the resources needed to keep a project like OFUA going. The Manuel Peláez Foundation was the first to sponsor this musical and educational project back in 2008 and has supported the programme ever since.

Meanwhile, President of the Manuel Peláez Foundation Carmen Robles has expressed her appreciation for the renewal of their commitment. The agreement combines collaboration in both the training of musicians, by bringing the society closer to quality music via the concerts that are held and, their participation in charity works. Vice President Carles Cortés highlighted this year's success in the recruitment of new students to become part of the OFUA. As a result of these exams, this year 90 per cent of the Orchestra are new performers, who are on average 24 years old, which strengthens the young spirit of the university´s musical group.


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