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C1 Catalan Course with the Diario Información Newspaper

Alicante, 29 January 2018
By: Marc Santonja

Translated by: Jose D. Losada Lorenzo

A teaching unit for preparing the UA exams of Catalan (level C1) will be attached weekly without any extra cost with the purchase of the Diario Información newspaper. This course will come with the newspaper every Wednesday from 31 January to 23 May, consisting of 18 parts.

After the great success experienced with the Diario Información’s B1 and B2 courses, an advanced  Catalan course will start on Wednesday 31, at a C1 level. The aim of the course is to strengthen and to advance in the learning of Catalan in an amusing and educational way, in order to prepare for the University of Alicante exams.

The Diario Información, with the collaboration of the Office of the Vice President for Culture, Sports and Languages of the University of Alicante, supports the dissemination of Catalan with this course.

The audios with the voice of teacher Lidia Garrigós are very remarkable, as they are excellent phonetic samples to help advanced students with the C1 test. There are at least three remarkable innovations: grammar is explained through audios, each unit exercises are very similar to the official exam’s and a section explaining how Catalan helps to learn other languages  

The course is intended to motivate students differently. For example, listening to the explanation of the grammar instead of reading it means an incentive for learning and it is a dramatic change that will help with pronunciation and listening comprehension.It is meant to be amusing too, since the only way to learn a language properly is by having fun while doing it.

Level C1 is required nowadays to work as a local teacher and in many other professions, but other than that, it means an extra point in your CV when applying for a job inside the Valencian region.

Find attached a sample of the first part:


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