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Film series in the municipality of Rafol d'Almunia

The UA off-campus culture hall in Ràfol d’Almunia, with the collaboration of the UA is organising a film series, which will begin on Friday 16 March and will last until Friday 28 December. The screenings will take place at the Ráfol de Almúnia Municipal Auditorium and entrance will be free, limited to seating capacity.

The films that will be screened are:

  • The Secret Life of Pets (2016) - in Catalan Friday 16 March at 6 p.m.
    In an apartment in Manhattan, Max’s life as favourite pet of the house starts being in danger when his owner brings home another dog named Duke, with whom Max will start soon having trouble. However, both pets will have to leave behind their rivalry when they find out that a cute little white rabbit named Snowball is recruiting an army of animals that have been abandoned, determined to take revenge on all the happy pets. 
  • The Olive Tree (2016) – in Spanish (with English subtitles) Friday 13 April at 6 p.m.  Alma, a 20 year-old girl, loves her grandfather very much, a man that has not spoken a word in years. When the old man also starts refusing to eat, she decides to bring back the ancient tree that the family sold against his will. To accomplish this mission, not only she will need the help from her uncle, a victim of the financial crisis, but also from her friend Rafa and from the whole town. The problem is: where in Europe is the olive tree?
  • Zootopia (2016) - in Catalan Friday 11 May 6 p.m. Zootopia, a modern metropolis inhabited by mammals, is a very unique town, formed by neighbourhoods where several habitats coexist, such as the luxurious Sahara Square and the icy Tundratown The city is a melting pot where animals of any kind live together, where it does not matter what you are, and where you can actually be anything, from the biggest of the elephants to the tiniest of the shrews. Yet, the optimistic agent Judy Hopps will discover that being the first bunny on a police service composed by tough and big animals is not easy. Still, as she is determined to prove that she is worthy, she quickly accepts a case, even though that means working with Nick Wilde, a very talkative and scamming fox, for solving the mystery. 
  • Minions (2015) - in Catalan Friday 19 October at 6 p.m. Minions’ story began at the dawn of time. At the beginning, they started being yellow single-celled organisms that evolved through time, serving the most despicable people. As they are unable to keep working for the same people -from a T. Rex to Napoleon-, Minions end up feeling lonely and getting really depressed. However, one of them, named Kevin, has a plan. Together with the unruly Stuart and adorable Bob, they venture into a thrilling trip to get someone to serve to, the frightening Scarlet Overkill. They will go through places such as the freezing Antarctic or New York City on the sixties, to end up in London on the same period of time, where they will have to face their biggest challenge so far: saving the Minion race from annihilation. 
  • Even the Rain (2010) - in Spanish (with English subtitle) Friday 16 November at 6 p.m. Cochabamba, Bolivia. Year 2000 Sebastián (Gael García Bernal) and Costa (Luis Tosar) want to make a film about Christopher Columbus and the discovery of America. While Sebastian, the director, wants to demythologise the character by presenting him as an ambitious and unscrupulous man, Costa, the producer, only cares about making the film without going over the low budget they have. That is why they choose Bolivia, one of the cheapest and with more indigenous population of South America.  The film was shot in Cochabamba, where the privatisation and sale of water supply to a multinational produces discomfort among the population, what will end up causing the sadly famous Cochabamba Water War (in April 2000). Five hundred years after the discovery of America, sticks and stones face again the iron and gunpowder of a modern army, but this time the do not fight for the gold, but for the most essential of the vital elements: water.
  • Dumbo (1941) - in Catalan Friday 28 December at 6 p.m.  Storks arrive, as they do every year, to a peculiar circus to deliver the babies to their mums. Everyone makes fun of him because of the size of his ears but Miss Dumbo, his elephant mother, always stands for him, to the point of being locked up because of facing anyone who made fun of her son. Poor little Dumbo, who is bullied and mistreated by everyone, has only one friend, a tiny little mouse named Timothy, who decides to make of him a circus star.

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