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12th Visual Arts Exhibition Mulier Mulieris

Alicante, 9 March 2018

Translated by: Jose D. Losada Lorenzo

The International Women’s Day will be held at the University of Alicante Museum with the inauguration of the exhibition ‘Mulier, Mulieris. The UA’s Gender Equality Office will be collaborating in the event,  where some of the artworks from the Visual Arts call for applications will be featured. This year’s 12th Edition of Mulier, Mulieris is part of a group of activities that the UA is carrying out with the aim of raising awareness among the university community and the citizens about gender equality.

Chosen by the jury, 15 artworks will be featured among the 200 projects that were received on this year’s edition. The selected artworks have been made by 17 artists from Spain, Colombia, Armenia and Peru, men and women of different generations who offer a different and multidisciplinary vision of art. They aim to create a new feminine imagery, recovering women’s historical memory and raising awareness of the obstacles yet to overcome.

Through videos, photography, painting and sculpture, the artworks address many issues ranging from research on misogyny, questioning of conventionalisms and social mandates imposed on women, women’s demands, sexual release, reporting oppressive practices and rejecting gender based violence.

The artists selected by the jury are: Alissia; DeAlbacete; Alexandra García Pascual; Isabel Gómez; Juan F. Navarro; Eva Martí; Consuelo Martínez; Concha M. Montalvo; Rosa Neutro / Rosendo Cid; Carmen Oliver; Alicia Palacios-Ferri; Gema Polanco; Araks Sahakyan; Pilar Talavera / Sandra Lozano; and Lisette Urquijo.

12th  Visual Arts Exhibition Mulier, Mulieris

The International Women's Day (8th March) is a good time to point out all the achievements accomplished on gender equality issues, but also all the work left to be done. In this sense, Mulier, Mulieris, which was celebrated for the first time in 2007 by the University of Alicante Museum, highlights some of these progress and challenges through artworks dedicated to artistic creation from the perspective of gender equality.

Cartel Mulier 12
torso mulier
Manos mulier
obra espejos mulier


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