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2018 Ciudad de Elche Literary Awards

Alicante, 3 May 2018
By: Soraya Mas Arronis

Translated by Jose D. Losada Lorenzo

The Culture, Education and Language Promotion Department of Elche city council announces the 2018 'Ciudad de Elche' Literary Awards, following the terms and conditions for each category. On the one hand, the 'Fiesta de Elche' literary prize for poetry, and on the other hand, the 'Antoni Bru' literary prize for narrative.

Individuals of legal age who are not included in the causes of prohibition established in article 13 of the Spanish General Subsidies Law 38/2003 of 17 November, are eligible. The works submitted must be original and yet unpublished, written in Catalan and can not have been awarded in any other contest. Candidates must submit their works to Elche city council Culture Department, until 2 p.m. of the day 22 June 2018. After this deadline, a list of the works admitted for each category will be published at Elche city council and Ediciones Bromera's both websites for 10 calendar days, in case anyone would like to file a complaint. Then[U1] , the final list will be published. The final vote will take place somewhere in September and the awards ceremony willtake place on 9 October 2018.

Once the organising committee has closed the deadline for receiving works, the composition of the panel will be published: three people for each prize.  The winner for each category may be proposed as a panel memberfor the following edition and must bear in mind that participation in this competition implies full acceptance of the terms and conditions governing these prizes.

The winner of the 'Fiesta de Elche' category will be awarded with €4,000, while the winner of the 'Antoni Bru' will be awarded with €6,000. Payment will be made by bank transfer to the bank account provided by the winner.






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