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2018 Meetings of the Valencian Region Language Federation

Alicante, 27 March
By: Soraya Mas Arronis
Translated by: Jose D. Losada Lorenzo

Encontradas Escuela Valenciana 2018Under the motto «Nosaltres, pel valencià» (Standing up for our language) the Valencian Federation for Catalan Language Standardisation (Escola Valenciana) has presented its manifesto  and the schedule of the  meetings  that will take place in 2018 throughout the territory. For this purpose, as every year, the University of Alicante , will be collaborating through its Languages Service. . With this name, the Federation has wanted to honour the memory of writer and humanist Joan Fuster, and also his towering work Nosaltres, els valencians, who is considered by many as an essential voice of the Valencian cultural heritage.

The Valencian Federation sets out Catalan as the language that gives us access to get more knowledge and helps us learning other languages. The Federation also states the recognition of the educational community as the means to introduce innovative elements to education. As said in the manifesto, the Catalan Language Use and Teaching Act  in the Valencia region was enacted 35 years ago although the language has not been standardised yet. Therefore the Federation will keep on working on boosting their language and contributing to its standardisation. In order to achieve this, they have set the Trobades, meetings to vindicate their language by organising games, workshops and leisure activities of all kinds, where parents, teachers and from pre-school and primary students from some 20 counties in region gather together.

From 15 April to 9 June, many of these counties will surround their citizens with celebrations using the local language. The meetings will start with the counties which have been longer involved in the struggle for language rights: 15 April on Rafelguaraf (in La Ribera county) and 21 April in Alcalalí (La Marina Alta county), that will be celebrating its 31st Edition this year. On Sunday 22 April, four meetings will be held: in Alfara del Patriarca (L’Horta Norte county), in Valle D’Uixó (La Plana county),in Monover (Valls del Vinalopó county) and in Elche (Baix Vinalopó and Baix Segura counties). On 19 May, the festivities will arrive to: Montichelvo (Valle d’Albaida county), Torrent (L’ Horta Sud county) and Polop (Marina Baixa county). On 27 April , the meeting with compulsory and higher secondary educational community  of L’Alacantí county will be held in San Vicente del Raspeig, and two days later, Alicante will be hosting a meeting with the pre-school and primary community. The meetings will come to an end on 9 June in Biar, in L’Alcoià`s and el Comtat counties.

One of the funding sources of this language action is the selling of commemorative T-shirts at 8 euros each,  available in 11 sizes (from size 2 to XXXL). This year, the colour of the T-shirts will be purple with the print of some kids disguised as dragons and the motto «Nosaltres, pel valencià» under a book with Joan Fuster’s face.

The manifesto concludes inviting everyone to the festivities: ‘With you, we make language, culture and country’.

Camiseta escuela valenciana


  • 15 April - Rafelguarf (la Ribera)
  • 21 April - Alcalalí (la Marina Alta)
  • 22 April- Alfara del Patriarca (l'Horta Norte)
  • 22 April - El Valle De uixó (la Plana)
  • 22 April - Monòver (las Valls del Vinalopó)
  • 22 April - Elche (Baix Vinalopó and Bajo segura)
  • 27 April - Sant Vicent del Raspeig (l'Alacantí)
  • 29 April - Alicante (l'Alacantí)
  • 29 April - Castellar-El Oliveral (valencia)
  • 5 May - Llanera de Ranes (la Costa)
  • 11 May - Bejís (el Alt Palància)
  • 12 May - Ador y Palma de Gandía (la safor-Valldigna)
  • 13 May - Vilanova d'Alcolea ( el Maestrat)
  • 19 May - Montichelvo (La Valld‘Albaida)
  • 19 May - Torrent (l'Horta Sur)
  • 19 May - Polop de la Marina (la Marina Baixa)
  • 19 May - Gilet (el Camp de Morvedre)
  • 26 May - Montichelvo (La Vall d’Albaida)
  • 9 June - Biar (l'Alcoià and El Comtat)

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