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  • Sunday family activities and workshops at the UA Museum (Diumenges al MUA) 2º semester

Sunday family activities and workshops at the UA Museum (Diumenges al MUA) 2º semester

Alicante, 23 February 2018

Translated by: Jose D. Losada Lorenzo

The University of Alicante Museum starts up the second edition of the Sunday at the UA programme with a wide range of free activities for families, that will begin on Sunday 25 February. The programme includes cultural activities in the University of Alicante Museum' s facilities, with the Museum and the cultural, artistic and creative activity as its backbone. 

The activities will take place from 11a.m. to 12:30 p.m.


The activities and the guided tour are free, provided applicants have registered in on the previous Monday at 8 am when the activity will take place. Registrations will be online through this web page: For more information: +34 965 90 93 87


  • Sunday 25 February

The programme for this semester starts with a staged tour and an origami workshop), linked to an  exhibition on Japanese design A journey to the most traditional and also to the most contemporary Japan, through theatre an design objects. Together with the making of some origami objects.

  • Sunday 4 March

With an Gyotaku workshop, linked to the Japanese Design exhbition, we will discover the traditional Japanese engraving technique, used originally so fishermen could document their cargoes, and that has eventually became quite an art.

  • Sunday 11 March

'La Coctelera Mágica' (The Magic Coctail Shaker), linked to the exhibition mulier, mulieris, is a 'reflection-and-artistic-expression' workshop for helping to build new gender imageries through art. 

  • Sunday 25 March

Action painting workshop, linked to the exhibition mulier, mulieris.  Artistic creation workshop for children,  to think about the influence of gender roles in the artistic expression.

  • Sunday 22 April

Letter and images think tank. Linked to the exhibition Notas de color (Coloured notes), it is an activity for discovering  the world of colours and their relationship with feelings and artistic expression through stories.

  • Sunday 13 May

Escapekids activities:  Escape room for children where, through puzzles and clues, they will have to find the misterious object, hidden in one of the rooms of the museum.

  • Sunday 20 May

Workshop 'Creando nuestro espacio de azúcar' connected to an  exhibition on contemporary art meetings), is a workshop with which we will approach the materials used in contemporary art, along with the creation of an art installation, made with daily-life materials.

  • Sundays 4 February, 29  April, 27 May and 3 June

Guided visit through the University of Alicante Museum, which will end up with the workshop 'Color = Emoción" (Colour= Excitement).

  • Sunday 10 June

The activity programme will end up with music: Eco-friendly concert. Educational concert with the participation of the public, with surprising and extraordinary instruments.

Each of the workshops will include a guided tour through the University of Alicante Museum, addressed to the families and companions




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