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  • 'The Last Supper' a production by the UA Co..lub inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci painting.

'The Last Supper' a production by the UA Contemporary Dance Club inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci painting.

Alicante, 18 December 2017 
By Belen Pérez  y Ana Sánchez

Translated by Alejandro Puertas

"When kindness faces betrayal, when we are all one and one is all of us, maybe it is the last time we see each other”. “Here, at the beginning of the end... “Here at the beginning of everything...”

Director Carlos Peñalver, turns the painting “The Last Supper” into a performing arts show where Da Vinci’s well-known work becomes a contemporary dance. The dance club wants to show the audience a new way of understanding the painting by keeping the same situation and plot but bringing the contents and way of seeing history up to date. On 8 May in the Auditorium at 8 p.m. Entrance is invitation-only.

With this performance, Carlos Peñalver wants to show a new way of understanding Leonardo da Vinci’s well-known painting by keeping the same situation and plot but bringing the contents and the way of seeing history up to date. The UA is the most ideal place to set in motion a contemporary dance project which takes the history of art and the social impact of the painting as a starting point. It is an ideal place because at the UA people and cultures from all over the world and different ways of thinking come together and, as a result, it becomes the cultural, scientific and creative benchmark of Alicante.

The director claims that he chose this painting because of the amount of situations that are happening in the same picture, which makes possible investigating and using all the dilemmas that da Vinci presents in just one work. Peñalver has proposed an interpretation of the painting through contemporary dance. However, the director does not only want to make a mere mythological representation of the painting, but also to include Da Vinci’s excellent study of colour, perspective, geometry, vanishing point, and anatomy, his obsession to recreate realistic shapes, the triangulation of the characters, the diversity of movements and contrasts, the importance of hands and feet…. By keeping all this in mind, Peñalver reinterprets the ideas of the Renaissance paintings through the moves and concepts of contemporary dance.

Recogida de invitaciones e información: 
 (Información Cultural   Museo Universidad de Alicante   - núm. 40 en el   plano  ). Tel. 965909387 
PIC  (Información  Servicio de Cultura  . Bajos del Paraninfo - núm. 11 en el   plano  ). Tel. 965903725

For more information and to pick up your invitations, go to:
University of Alicante Museum’s cultural information point
(see University of Alicante Museum  -number 40 on the  map ). Tel. 965909387 

Cultural information point (at the Culture Service . Auditorium patio - number 11 on the map ). Tel. 965903725.


  • Juan Miguel Gosálvez
  • Lidia Lara  Tómas
  • Sofia Pastor 
  • Inma Cifuentes
  • Claudia Cambra 
  • Ana Maria Carpena
  • Malena San José
  • Olivia Martínez 
  • Alicia Esteve
  • María Jesús Oporto
  • Diana Guijarro
  • Aldo Cusumano
  • Facundo Álvaro
  • Mar Baeza 
  • Sergio Limiñana
  • Fanniviola Grajczár
  • Valery Espinoza
  • Artistic Director: Carlos Peñalver
  • Artistic Assistant: Lara Navarro
  • Stage designing assistant: Ane Ferreiro



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