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UA Contemporary Theatre Club launches 'En defensa (un concierto de despedida)'

Alicante, 24 January 2018
Translated by: Alejandro Puertas

This year, under the direction of Iván Jiménez, the University of Alicante Contemporary Theatre Club launches an adaptation of “En defensa (un concierto de despedida) [In defense, a farewell concert] , a work by playwright from Alicante, Lola Blasco. It is a political play that addresses the unemployment issue of the young people who are part of the so-called “Lost Generation”. It is a musical and theatrical work that uses mermaids and ships as metaphors of the exile that we are witnessing from our coasts. Rather than leaving their own country, young people are being expelled from it. The play will premiere on 15 May at 8 p.m in the Auditorium. Entrance is free by invitation.

For more information and to pick up your invitations, go to:

University of Alicante Museum’s cultural information point (see University of Alicante Museum  -number 40 on the  map ). Tel. 965909387 
Cultural information point (at the Culture Service . Auditorium patio - number 11 on the map ). Tel. 965903725


En defensa


En defensa (un concierto de despedida) is an intense play, often poetic and strongly intellectual. It deals with the current situation that is making young people with a degree leave Spain to earn a living. The cast are also the subject of the play’s message. Even though the play is written for young people, it is also aimed at all our society. It is worth mentioning that, according to the director, Iván Jiménez, the main characters are not portrayed as victims, but as fighters who are not satisfied with this situation and do not want to repeat it. They are “young heroes of resistance”.

The play engages the audience in a critical self-reflection about the current political system by addressing a topic that concerns the university community, where the new graduates are the focus. Everything has been achieved thanks to the spreading and emphasising of an author of Alicante that has recently been presented with the National Theatre Award.


Lola Blasco

María Dolores Blasco Mena (Alicante, 1983) is a writer, director and actress. She got her degree in drama at the Spanish Royal School of Performing Arts and she received acting training at Jorge Eines’ studio. She has attended several playwriting workshops, some of them taught by Enzo Croman and Marco Antonio de la Parra. She gained a Master’s in Humanities at the Carlos III University in Madrid where she works as a researcher and a lecturer at the Department of Humanities. In 2016, she won the National Award of Dramatic Literature.

She has published several plays such as Foto Finis (2007), Oración por un caballo (2008), Pieza paisaje en un prólogo y un acto (2010, Buero Vallejo Award), Un concierto de despedida (2012), Los hijos de las nubes (2013) or Ni mar ni tierra firme: tres monólogos sobre La Tempestad (2014). Some of her plays have been premiered, among which we find Artículo 47En defensaLos hijos de las nubes and Proyecto Milgram.








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