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Translator: Salomé García

Alicante, 18 January 2018

Acua enero 2018The University of Alicante’s Culture Service will carry on with a varied programme of theatre and musical performances that will take place at the UA Auditorium and different locations within the university area from 8 February to 12 June 2018.

These events are aimed both at the university community and society in general, so everyone is invited to enjoy a total of seventeen performances available at low prices (including some free performances).  During this semester, the UA Auditorium will host theatre plays such as I tornarem a sopar al carrer, a participatory project that involves professional actors, local people and neighbour associations coming from el Cabanyal quarter in Valencia; music concerts from bands like Sevillian’s MAGA or the Canadian choir Tournée Diversité Culturelle; Mulïer, Maduixa company’s dance performance, which was awarded two MAX prizes in 2017 to the best street performance and music composition; and, of course, the three annual releases from the Theatre and Dance clubs and the UA Choir. The programme will be further explained below:




May - June 2018
February 2018
March - April 2018

For more information and how to pick up your invitations, go to:

MIC (Cultural Information Point of the University of Alicante Museum – No. 40 on the campus map). Tel. 965909387.

PIC (Cultural information point. Auditorium Patio – No. 11 on the campus map). Tel. 965903725. 

Tickets are available at Compás Bookshop – No. 35 on the campus map ), (online), and on-venue an hour before the show starts. 

Tickets for sessions aimed at secondary centres (IES sessions): €3. Group bookings:


Thursday 8 February - 8 pm.

Choirs concert- Monforte local choir and University of Alicante choir

Concierto corales

The University of Alicante Choir, under the baton of Sholmo Rodríguez, will perform at the UA Auditorium in a double concert together with Monforte local choir. Conducted by Héctor Plácido Jiménez, this concert will be a musical event where both choirs will perform alternatively to finally come hand in hand in the same concert. This concert will be performed again in May in Monforte del Cid. Entrance by invitation only

Wednesday 14 February - 8 pm.

I tornarem a sopar al carrer - Cabanyal Íntim

Supported by the Valencia Town council, "I tornarem a sopar al carrer" is a participatory theatre project which involves professional actors, local people and groups coming from el Cabanyal quarter in Valencia. Under the leadership of Begoña Tena and Isabel Caballer, this play defends endangered traditional customs nowadays.  Tickets: €5. Performed in Catalan.


I tornarem a sopar al carrer


Thursday 15 February - 6 pm

5th Radio Day at the UA 

Logo radio uaFor the fifth year in a row, the UA Auditorium will hold a day full of activities due to Radio world Day. A celebration in which attendants will enjoy different music performances, monologues, among others, and where the winner of the 2017/2018 academic year Radio UA will be announced. Entrance by invitation only.

Día de la radio.



Wednesday 21 February- 11.30 am

Vives  Elpuntg

Vives revolves around Valencian spring and the upcoming change through real events. There is a link between the rejection towards Juan Luis Vives, the Valencian humanist from the 16th century (especially towards his family, who were brutally burnt for being Jewish), and the events that took place in February 2012 at the secondary school named after him, which gave rise to what was later known as #primaveravalenciana (#valencianspring). This theatre proposal essentially intends to reflect on education, its evolution (and its regression), as well as on books as material and spiritual objects. Vives is a production by El Punto G, together with Espacio Inestable theatre company, IES Lluís Vives Theatre Club and the University of Valencia. Performed in Catalan.  IES session. Tickets €3



Wednesday 28 February - 11.30 am.

El mal de Fedra - La Nave Argo

Under the premise “Aphrodite protects those who worship her and punishes those who don’t”, this play tells the story of Fedra, Theseus’ wife, who has an unstoppable passion for her stepson Hippolytus. This great love story has been adapted by La Nave Argo theatre company from Juan Mayorga’s Fedra play and the original Euripides’ play, with which this company was a finalist on Prima Festum MMXVIII. La Nave Argo is a classical theatre company created in 2010 at Inmaculada Jesuitas School in Alicante. This company is formed by secondary school students and alumni who are currently university students.  IES session. Tickets €3.

El mal de Fedra 



Wednesday 7 March - 12 noon

Mulïer - Maduixa

Mulïer Maduixa

As part of the activities that will take place at the University of Alicante following Women’s Day, ACUA includes Mulïer in its programme, a tribute to all women who have fought for centuries and still fight in order to “keep their inner self wild”, and who claim their right to dance and run freely in our society. This outdoors performance taking place outside the UA Museum intends to delve into physical limits with dance and balance, movement and poetry, strength and emotions, all thanks to five dancers on stilts that represent women as a starting point. Free entrance.

Wednesday 14 March - 8 pm.


Indie pop music lovers have a reason to celebrate. MAGA, the cult music band from Seville, will perform at the UA Auditorium in March. With this performance, MAGA will present their latest album “Salto horizontal”, which was released in February 2017, as well as some of their most famous singles. Tickets: €5.





Tuesday 10 April - 8 pm.

Espectáculo homenaje a Mario Benedetti

Silvana Marrero y Carlos Darakjian

Mario Benedetti’s Centre for Hispanic and Latin American Studies (CeMaB) has organised a music and poetry commemorative event to pay tribute to the poet and writer Mario Benedetti. In this event, taking place at the UA Auditorium, the Uruguayan artists Silvana Marrero and Carlos Darakjian will present a show based on Mario Benedetti’s music poems that reflect this artist’s poetry and thoughts. Free entrance.






MWednesday 18 April - 8 pm

Poetas en red  - #Poetesenxarxa

 Following the success of "El amor es chulo" (Love is cool) last semester, ACUA plans a new music and poetry event in which authors such as Victoria Ash or Titxu Vélez will take part. This performance intends to make poets of these days known, those who work their way through social media to reach a young audience. Entrance by invitation only.




Wednesday 25 April - 8 pm

Cor de dones A cau d'orella

Cor de dones

Conducted by Mònica Perales i Massana, el Cor de dones A cau d'orella presents a concert written for high and women’s voices. This performance intends to prove the vocal and expressive possibilities of a traditionally mistreated feminine group which is currently undergoing a boom. The programme suggests an itinerary through 20th and 21st century music. Entrance by invitation only.


Friday 4 May - 11.30 am

Historia del rock

Historia del rock cartel

This educational concert, conducted by Santiago Iglesias, presents an approach to the history of rock music from its origins, instruments and musical evolution. This mise-en-scene is formed by professional musicians who will perform, in a live concert, their own songs from different styles and periods in the history of rock music. This way, they will show the changes undergone by this musical genre from past to present, including educational approaches and anecdotes of each song. IES session. Ticket: €3.



Tuesday 8 May - 8 pm

La última cena (The last supper) - UA contemporary dance club

Under the direction of Carlos Peñalver, “The last supper” makes use of history of art as the starting point, turning Da Vinci’s famous paintings into contemporary dance. This performance revolves around each character’s humanistic, psychologic, sociologic and physical plot. Through this play, this contemporary dance club intends to introduce a new perspective on the author’s work, keeping the same setting and plot, but updating its content and way of seeing the story. Entrance by invitation only.

La última cena



Wednesday 9 May  - 8 pm

Concert - University of Alicante Choir

Under the baton of Shlomo Rodríguez, the University of Alicante Choir will perform once again at the UA Auditorium this year, enhancing the educational and musical training of its members, students and university staff in order to show their hard-working attitude. Entrance by invitation only.

Coral Universidad Alicante



Tuesday 15 May - 8 pm.

In defence (a farewell concert) - University of Alicante Theatre Club

UA Theatre Club will perform “In defense (a farewell concert) at the UA Auditorium. This politic theatre play, created by the local dramatist Lola Blasco, is directed by Iván Jiménez. The Theatre Club’s new work revolves around the current “lost generation” in which young people decide to leave their country due to high rates of unemployment. Actors interpret the message of the play that talks about them and how they fight not to resign themselves. Entrance by invitation only.

En Defensa




Tuesday 22 May - 8 pm

Hécuba - Aula de Teatro Universidad de Alicante

This play is a version of Euripides’ tragedy, which is set in the Trojan War but told from women’s point of view, given that they always turn out to be the main losers. Men die on the battlefield, therefore becoming heroes. Women, however, are the ones who lose everything, even their own freedom. Hécuba tells the story of a she-wolf, of a mother of courage who is able to draw her inner strength to make justice, even when she has lost everything. This is the great story of great women based on a translation by Juan Antonio López Férez and directed by Pascual Carbonell. Entrance by invitation only.





Tuesday 5 June - 8 pm

Légendes & Folklore - La Muse Diversité

The Canadian Choir La Muse Diversité, conducted by Ioana German, will perform at the UA Auditorium to offer us the concert Légendes & Folklore, where both legends and folklore merge in a harmonious unity , therefore promoting cultural diversity and presenting several artists’ works which represent our global cultural richness. Entrance by invitation only.

Légendes & Folklore cartel



Tuesday 12 June- 8 pm.

Los figurantes - UPUA Theatre Club

UA Lifelong Learning Programme (UPUA) Theatre Club will adapt Sanchis Sinisterra’s fun comedy, Los figurantes, released in 1989. This play sets out the extras’ rebellion against leading actors. Extras take the stage giving rise to nonsensical and surreal situations that might not be so distant from real life… Playing with metatheatre, this comedy is divided into two acts and formed by nimble and direct dialogues, together with an informal language and choir scenes. Apart from the fun moments, however, the play raises a question for reflection: is it actually us who drive our own lives? Entrance by invitation only.






Moreover, ACUA’s programme includes the following exhibitions that will take place at the University of Alicante Museum (MUA) along the semester:


From 26 January to 28 February - UA Museum Sempere Hall 

Monika Buch. Lines and modulations - Monika Buch

This exhibition gathers more than forty works, including paintings and drawings made between the 50s and the present. A work which revolves around the constant search for plastic art expression through the line, modulations and colour, applied to geometric structures.


Monika Buch Línea y módulo



From 15 Febrero to 25 March - UA MUseum El Cub Hall 

100 Japanese designs

This exhibition, organised by the Japan Foundation , shows 100 objects belonging to the current Japanese industrial design, related with health, transports, Japanese classic design or furniture and household items, with the intention of showing Japanese culture and daily life



From 8 March to 20 April - UA MUseum El Cub Hall

20th century Sacred Spaces in Alicante, 1950-1980

This exhibition, which is organised by Andrés Martínez Medina, a lecturer from the Graphic Expression and Cartography Department at the University of Alicante, will be held from 8 March to 20 April at El Club Hall. This display proposal is framed within a course on Restoration of Architectural Heritage and revolves around a number of churches and ‘modern’ parishes located in Alicante.



From 9 March to 15 July - UA Museum Sempere Hall

12th Mulier Mulieris Visual Arts Contest

Mulier Mulieris Visual Arts Contest is included in the programme of events organised by the University of Alicante to commemorate International Women’s Day. This Visual Arts contest tries to show how contemporary artistic creation has become a fertile ground for research. It is intended to rescue the legacy of women, to make the constant and complex process of transformation of female identity visible and to face a variety of concepts regarding gender.

Mulier mulieris 18




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