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ACUA Programme - 2nd Term 2018/2019

Alicante,19 January 2019

Translated by Amie Jo Petherbridge

The Culture Office of the University of Alicante is once again offering an extensive programme of theatre and musical shows in the UA Auditorium and the Faculty of Education. 

This term´s UA Cultural Agenda (ACUA) programme is packed with cultural activities including theatre, music, dance and radio. It will begin on the 6 February with a concert by La Fúmiga and their new album Primera Conjugació (Auditorium, 8:30 pm).


There will be six performances held in the UA Auditorium and in the Faculty of Education. The first one, En Defensa, un concert de comiat  will be performed by the UA Theatre Club for secondary school students on the 27 February at 11:30 am in Catalan.  The second, Portam al Bosc by the theatre company Maror Produccions, will be performed in Catalan on the 27 March at 8 pm.  Esclafit Teatre will be presenting us with Shoes, a play staged in both Catalan and English on the 4 April at 6 pm at the Faculty of Education. The UA Theatre Club will be offering us a further two plays, Contra l'Amor, in Catalan on the 15 May at 8 pm and The Tempest in Catalan on the 21 May at 8 pm. The theatre programme will end with Las Tesmoforias, by the UPUA Theatre Club in Spanish on the 4 June at 8 pm.


Catalan band La Fúmiga, will start the term off with their new album Primera Conjugació on the 6 February at 8:30 pm.  The UA Choir will be holding a benefit concert called Veu Solidaria to raise money for the Parkinson Disease Association on the 10 April at 7 pm.  La Historia del Rock will be returning to the Auditorium with live rock music on the 7 May at 11:30 am. Finally, the UA Choir will be closing the ACUA cultural programme with the Spring Concert on the 5 June at 8 pm.


World Radio Day will be celebrated for the sixth time on the 13 February at 6 pm. El Niño de Elche will be giving an illustrated talk called Ex-flamenco. Antologías y heterodoxias, on the 13 March at 8 pm at the Faculty of Education and the UA Contemporary Dance Club will perform Cementeri de flors for the first time on the 20 May at 8 pm.

Amongst the different activities that will be taking place to celebrate International Women´s Day, we will get the opportunity to chat with Carmen París on the 5 March at 8 pm and enjoy the Morgan #Airtour 18/19 concert on the 6 March at 8 pm.

 Invite collection and information: 

 Ticket sales: Compás bookshop (number 35 on the map ), (online), or an hour before the event at the venue.

 Tickets for secondary school sessions:  €3. Book large groups at:


May - June 2019

February 2019

March - April 2019


Wednesday 6 February - Auditorium, 8:30 pm

Primera Conjugació -  La Fúmiga- Pro21

La Fúmiga started out as band in 2012 in Alzira, la Ribera. The band has introduced into Catalan music the already well known idea of taking groups of wind and percussion instruments from the streets to the stage following central European Balkan and brass bands style. 

With these instruments, combining band and alternative cultures, they have been able to refresh Catalan music by using ska, punk and Latin music styles and have performed at music festivals such as Feslloch and Aplec dels Ports.


Concert.   Invite needed .


Wednesday 13 February - 6 pm

Radio Day at UA

The University of Alicante celebrates World Radio Day for the sixth year in a row offering activities at the Auditorium.  Throughout this event, guests will get the opportunity to enjoy live music, a scientific comedy monologue and an entertaining radio station competition led by the Alicante ImproVivencia theatre company. At the end of the event, this year´s winning Radio UA station will be announced. 

Free of charge.


Wednesday 27 February- 11.30 am (Secondary schools)

En Defensa, un concert de comiat       University of Alicante Theatre Club

"En defensa (a farewell concert) " is an adaptation directed by Iván Jiménez of a play written by Alicante play-write Lola Blasco. A political play that addresses this generation´s unemployed youths classed as the “lost generation”. It is both a musical and theatrical play in which mermaids and ships are used as metaphors to represent the exile that we are currently witnessing at our own boarders, as the new generation of youths are being expelled from the country

A play about youths created by youths that prompts us to reflect upon the fact that young people need to leave the country in search of a future. It reflects upon how insecure jobs are and how mediocrity is accepted. It also talks about the past to understand the present in order to think about the future. Fifteen students of the Theatre Club will offer us a performance full of poetry, humour, anger, love and music.

Director Iván Jiménez does not wish to portray the main characters as victims. They are portrayed as fighters that will not settle as they already know what has happened in the past and do not want history to repeat itself. They are “young heroes of resistance”.

Theatre. Tickets: 3. In Catalan.

  Tuesday 5 March - 8 pm  

Neo jota   -  Carmen París

She is the most difficult to classify artist in Spain and yet is the one that has been able to internationalise something as Spanish as a “jota”. Composer, pianist, songwriter and a top performer, her summary of her work “En síntesis” is still big nationally and internationally and she is currently gathering all the creativity needed to create her next mixed masterpiece. 

She has proven her talent all over the world from Uruguay, Argentina, France, Morocco, India, Romania, Mexico, Italy to Korea. She can be proud to say she has left a mark on pieces by Joan Manuel Serrat and Joaquín Sabina and has done duets with María Dolores Pradera, Armando Manzanero, Sergio Dalma, the iconic traditional Catalan musician Pep Gimeno "El Botifarra", as well as with Martirio, Uxía and Ugia Pedreira giving a unique performance.

On several occasions, Carmen París  has even appeared on the big screen in the documentary “Almodóvar, todo sobre ellas” (2016) and in the film “La novia” (2016) directed by Paula Ortiz, in which she sang "Nana del caballo grande" from the well-known Lorca’s: "Blood Wedding".

Her incredible creative character and her ability to combine sounds allow her to perform music from all sorts of backgrounds: Mediterranean, African, American… in styles such as jazz, the jota, swing, Andalusian music and flamenco, amongst others. She is an eclectic artist that does not fear what people say or think and has remained committed to her creative instinct for over 30 years, but has not lost out on any success or on appearing in public and in the media.

After having visited Mexico and Italy recently, Carmen concluded 2018, a year in which she has hardly got off the stage and she is now preparing for a new creative phase in which things are already being set in place for a new and exciting musical project “Made by Carmen París”.

 Talk-Colloquium. Invite needed.


Wednesday 6 March - 8 pm.

#Airtour 18/19  -  Morgan - Pro21

MORGAN   s a project that begun during mid-2012, when Nina de Juan (pianist and vocalist) showed her work to Paco López (guitarist and vocalist) and  Ekain Elorza (drummer), although they did not decide to record their first album until the end of 2015. 

During 2017, the band truly came together as they began the year in the best possible way by reediting their album themselves and hitting “most sold” charts. They went on to travel around the country again and after having spent just two months out, in March last year they began their second album “AIR”, a work that is sure to mark a turning point in their career.




Wednesday 13 March - 8 pm

Ex-flamenco. Antologías y heterodoxias - El Niño de Elche  

Niño de Elche will be talking about pieces from some of his previous work such Vaconbacon, Cantar las fuerzas, Voces del Extremo, Compro Oro, Sí, a Miguel Hernández and la Antología del Cante Flamenco Heterodoxo in which he used flamenco music to transmit politics as art and flamenco as vanguard via popular culture, poetry, performance and life art.

Niño de Elche (Elche, 1985) is an artist of many talents that combines different genres such as flamenco, rock, improvisation, performance art contemporary music, singer-song writing, theatre and poetry. Over his professional career, “Voces del Extremo” (2015) stands out as it was awarded best national CD by Rockdeluxe, Radio3, El País and the Spanish Musical Reporter Association.

He has worked with contemporary artists such as Israel Galván, Belén Maya, María Muñoz, Cía. Ferroviaria, Juan Carlos Lérida and Guillermo Weickert, amongst others.He also collaborates regularly with artists such as Pedro G. Romero, Miguel Álvarez-Fernández, C. Tangana and Refree and has worked on a joint project that will be out at the end of the year with the emblematic band Los Planetas from Granada.

In 2017, he published his first book called “No comparto los postres” and was invited as a Spanish artist to Dokumenta14 in Athens and Kasel.

His last album, “Antología del cante flamenco heterodoxo”, was published in 2017 and his new album will be out this June produced by Colombian Eblis Álvarez from the Meridian Brothers.

Ilustrated talk. Invite needed.

Wednesday 27 March - 8 pm 

Porta'm al Bosc  -  Maror Produccions

Ricardo and Esther went to school together.

Esther has not forgotten the suffering Ricardo and his friends put her through, especially the former.

Several years go by and Esther is now a teacher. There is a boy in her class called Martí that has serious behavioural problems. During a parents meeting, she discovers that Martí is Ricardo´s son.

Can a person truly get over the effects of bullying?

Are bullies like so for life?

What happens when a bully and his victim meet years later?

Maror Produccions

Theatre. Tickets €5. In Catalan.




Thursday 4 April - 6 pm  

Shoes  -  Esclafit teatre

Shoes, humour and suspense is a bilingual (Catalan/English) play in which multilingualism is used in a direct and effective way. A play that is full of surprises, intended to break the audiences´ barriers so they have fun listening to stories related to the languages they are learning at school.

The Esclafit Teatre company use the play to transmit two ideas that arise from two questions. 

Can we be friends if we do not understand each other? 
Is it really that difficult to understand the minimum amount needed to be able to interact and communicate?

Both English and Catalan are offered in an attainable, attractive way. The audience lose all the preconceptions they may have had about languages when they open their hearts and enjoy themselves.


Theatre-forum. Invite needed. In Catalan and English.


Wednesday 10 April - 7 pm 

Charity VEU Concert - UA Choir  

The University of Alicante Choir will be performing a complete opera on stage for the first time accompanied by their director Shlomo Rodríguez who will be playing the piano. An exciting project that highlights how hard all of the choir members work and the constant improvement of their training.

L'Elisir d'amore, a comedy opera by Gaetano Donizzeti, is brilliant production that includes one of the most famous and emotional arias in history:" Una furtiva lágrima". It is a simple story in which young and naive Nemorino falls in love with Adina, a country girl that rejects him as she has no wish to commit. Meanwhile, Sergeant Belcore arrives in town and asks for Adina´s hand in marriage to which she accepts. However, Dulcemara sells Nemorino a love potion that will supposedly make Adina fall in love with him and avoid her marring Belcore. But, will this "elisir d'amore” work?



Tuesday 7 May - 11:30 am (Secondary school session)   

La Historia del Rock  - Santiago Iglesias

Throughout the live concert La Historia del Rock we will travel through time as we are shown the history of rock music from its creation, origin, instruments and development. There will be professional musicians performing live music from each of the different rock styles and eras, following the order in which the genre has evolved. During each song there will be educational slides and unforgettable stories.

Tickets: 3




Wednesday 15 May - 8 pm   

Contra L'Amor  -   UA Theatre Club

Contra el Amor, by Esteve Soler, is a contemporary project that will be showcased by the UA Theatre Club on the 15 May. It is one of the most requested performances worldwide and has been translated into nine languages and been staged by over fifty directors.

This dark comedy play delves into the concept of love and how the current western society is distorting it. Xiomara Wanden-Berghe, director of the play, has used a multidisciplinary approach using video projections, art and live electronic music. It is a contemporary play for our contemporary society.

In Catalan. 

Invite needed.


  Thursday 23 May - 8 pm     

The Tempest   - UA Theatre Club


How about we simply think about nonsense? This term´s classical adaptation of Shakespeare´s The Tempest by the UA Theatre Club nvites us to do so this term. Unlike this British play-write’s other work, in this play, the wizard Prospero is a character that knows how to recognise and accept his own mistakes. He makes us think about how our own actions sometimes hide wickedness.

The Theatre Club cast and director Iván Jiménez are giving us the opportunity to experience the adaptation of a fantastic “story” that is bursting with magic.

Bilingual Spanish-Catalan play..

Invite needed.


 Tuesday 28 May - 8 pm   

Cementeri de flors  - UA Dance Club

The UA Dance Club showcases their new show Cementeri de Flors.

Director Carlos Peñalver and the UA Dance Club are back after the success of their previous performance, La última cena. The director describes the new show as "a place in which one reaches an ethereal reality where bodies are taken into a dream like world where they remain until they fade away. In the end the only thing that is left is the everlasting soul."

  • Directed by: Carlos Peñalver
  • Artistic assistance: Federica Fasano and Marta Climent
  • Lighting: Jordi Chicoy

UA Dance Club  

Invite needed.


 Tuesday 4 June - 8 pm  

Las Tesmoforias  - UPUA Theatre Club 


The UPUA Theatre Club will be performing their up to date version of Las Tesmoforias (Thesmophoriazusae) on the 4 June. The play is based on a Greek comedy by Aristophanes that was performed during the Dionysia celebrations in 411 d. C. This play is a parody of some of Euripides’s plays and is based on the amount of power women can achieve when they unite for a common cause.

This year, the UPUA Theatre Club cast is made up of twelve actresses and four actors and their director Elisabeth Sogorb who has used choir music as the foundation of the creation process.  

Invite needed.




 Wednesday 5 June - 8 pm  

Spring Concert – UA Choir

coral 3 17

The ACUA cultural programme closes on the 5 of June with the traditional Spring Concert performed by the University Choir. The choir will offer us a lively and cheerful selection of music that will take us through the history of music giving us the opportunity to listen to classical, contemporary and pop music.

Invite needed.





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