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CeMaB programme - 2nd Term

Alicante, 8 February 2019 

Translated by Amie Jo Petherbridge

This year is particularly special as we are celebrating both the 20th anniversary of the Mario Benedetti Centre for Ibero-American Studies (CeMaB) as well as the UA´s 40th anniversary.  To commemorate such a year, we have launched a programme that reflects the importance of extracurricular activities in the university setting and will be collaborating with several organisations such as: the Consulate of Uruguay in Valencia, the Cuban Embassy in Spain, the Miguel Delibes Foundation, the Juan Gil-Albert Culture Institute in Alicante, the 80 mundos bookshop, as well as the Villena, Torrevieja and Alicante University Venues.

The programme will include lectures by writers, book presentations, academic activities, a conference dedicated to Juan Gil-Albert and other cultural activities that will all lead up to the main event held on the 17 May to commemorate Uruguayan writer Mario Benedetti,10 years after his death.  

Ever since it first opened, one of the most characteristic aspects of the Mario Benedetti Centre is the presence of Latin American and Spanish writers that have made their mark on all the different programmes that combine research and culture, as well as extracurrilar activities as a main goal of the centre.  For this reason, as well as publishing articles in their magazine and the América Sin Nombre booklets, the CeMaB also organises seminars, congresses, lectures and academic lectures about Latin American culture and literature, a variety of cultural activities (book clubs and gatherings, film series, exhibits, plays, concerts) and meetups with writers to present new books or lectures on various themes.   


Newsletter about the 20th anniversary of the CeMaB

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From the 9 January to the 12 June 
CeMaB room at the San Fernando 40 University Venue - Wednesday 5 to 8 pm

The CeMaB are starting off the term by launching a new edition of literary gatherings. The main aim of "Entre ayer y hoy (IV), del texto a la imagen", is to unite people that are passionate about literature to discuss texts written between the 19th century and modern day aided by screenings, current articles, books and stories, mostly sourced from the internet.  This activity´s motto is: “We make this happen between all of us”. 

In this 4th edition, we will be discussing the work of Ernest Hemingway, John Cheever and Ricardo Menéndez Salmón, amongst others, without forgetting stories told by Adolfo Bioy Casares, Silvina Ocampo and Juan Rulfo. The suggestions made by participants have been taken into account and this year Zygmunt Bauman will be sharing his harsh analysis of modern society with us.  Several sessions will include poetry by Elizabeth Bishop and Andrés Neuman. We will be learning about Giner de los Ríos and will be discussing his work. Finally, there will be a section dedicated to Ricardo Piglia and some of his most renowned creations.


7 February - Torrevieja Cultural and Social Club (Casino) - 8 pm
8 February- Alicante City University Venue - 8 pm

 We will be presenting “Antología poética (1960-2018) by Homero Aridjis (Catédra, 2018), edited by Aníbal Salazar Anglada. Both poet Homero Aridjis and lecturer Salazar (Ramon Llull University) will attend the event organised by the CeMaB and the Torrevieja University Venue.

Publicación Homero Alicante

Publicación Homero Torrevieja

19 February
CeMaB - 12 pm

Ezio Neyra, Peruvian writer and teacher at the Adolfo Ibáñez University (Chile) will be talking to us about literature and the market, from the 60s Latin American boom to modern day.

 "Tsunami”, “Todas mis muertes", "Habrá que hacer algo mientras tanto" and "Pasajero en La Habana" are all novels written by Neyra, who is currently a lecturer and researcher in the Faculty of Liberal Arts at said university.

Neyra has directed the Chilean Ministry of Education Board for Literature and Reading Promotion , so he knows how the editorial market has changed and the decisive impact it has had on current Latin American literature, its subject matters and its circulation between Spanish speaking countries.

Conferencia Neyra


21 February
CeMaB - 12 pm

We will receive a visit from one of the most important Chilean poets in current Latin American poetry: Héctor Hernández Montecinos. He will be giving a lecture on Raúl Zurita and the era of rage: reading through his poetic thoughts.

Héctor Hernández Montecinos has published a collection of poems by Zurita: "VERÁS" (2017) and "Un mar de piedras" (2018), based on 38 years of interviews with the poet by many different countries´ media.

His poetry has received the following remarks: "Chilean writer Héctor Hernández Montecinos (Santiago, 1979) has one of the most evocative voices in current Latin American literature.  He speaks from two perspectives: from his own that is explosive in all genres, but is truly brilliant in poetry and essays; and from the perspective of other people´s work that he enhances in anthologies, editions and festivals” (Revista Eñe, Spain).




From the 1 to the 29 March - Lecture building 2 on the UA Campus
From the 5 April to the 5 May - Torrevieja (Vista Alegre Exhibit Hall)

In 2019, the University of Alicante, in association with the Cuban Embassy in Spain, will be celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Casa de las Americas (Havana, Cuba) organisation at the Torrevieja University Venue and the CeMaB to promote Cuban culture at the university.

It is important to note that Mario Benedetti was the first director of the Casa de las Americas Literacy Research Centre and had a close relationship with Cuban scholars and poets that is reflected on his personal library, his manuscripts with headers by the Casa de las Americas, dedications, etc. The historical relationship that Benedetii and other key members of the CeMaB had with the Casa de las Americas is the main reason behind the CeMaB collaboration with this commemorative event. The CeMaB, is currently undergoing changes thanks to Eva Valero and the work she has done with the Casa de las Americas management team and the director of the Literacy Research Centre, Jorge Fornet.

The CeMaB is contributing to the event by offering an exhibit on the 60 years of the Casa de las Americas, organised by the Torrevieja University Venue and the Cuban Embassy in Spain.

5 March- CeMaB - 12 pm
7 March - Torrevieja Cultural and Social Club (Casino) - 8 pm

CeciliCecilia Eudave, one of the most renowned, current writers of fiction, has just re-edited her novel "Bestiaria vida” in Spain with a prologue written by Carmen Alemany Bay.

On the one hand, she will be giving a lecture on the 5 March about her novel and the story behind its subject matter.

On the other, the writer will take part in a literacy event called “Sal con libros” that will be taking place in the same venue on the 7 March.

Cecilia Eudave 2
Cecilia Eudave 1
Cecilia Eudave 3
Cecilia Eudave 4
25 March 
Miguel Hernández Library (Villena Culture centre) - 8 pm

During an event organised by the Villena University Venue and the CeMaB, we will be given the opportunity to attend a lecture by Marta Sanz that she has titled “"Clavícula: El cuerpo como retrato".

Marta Sanz, PhD graduate in Contemporary literature at the Complutense University in Madrid, has been in charge of cultural magazine “Ni hablar” and has collaborated with various magazines and newspapers: "ABC", "Escuela de Noche" and"Viento Sur". She is the author of novels such as "El frío", "Lenguas muertas", "Los mejores tiempos" (Ojo Crítico Award for Fiction from the Spanish National Radio in 2001), "Un buen detective no se casa jamás" and "La lección de anatomía", amongst others.

27 March
CeMaB - 10 am
Alicante City University Venue - 8:15 pm

 On the 17 March Foundation manager Javier Ortega Álvarez will be giving a presentation of the Miguel Delibes Foundation management programme in collaboration with the CeMaB. Said Foundation, that has based their identity on the ideas that Delibes promoted and defended, has the following aims and objectives: the collection and safekeeping of his cultural legacy, research and dissemination of the author and his work, as well as the promotion and support of studies and research of the themes that run through his pieces.

In the evening, Elisa Delibes, the writer´s daughter and president of the Foundation, will be taking about the author´s life.


28 de marzo 
CeMaB - 10 am

Trinidad Barrera, Hispanic American literature professor at the University of Seville, is one of the most renowned critics of both Spanish and international Latin Americanism. She will be giving a lecture at the CeMaB on Argentinian fiction during the Latin American post boom: authors from Ricardo Piglia to Marcelo Birmajer, two Argentinian authors that are considered important figures in that period.


From the 2 to the 16 April


As the city of Havana celebrates its 500th anniversary, the CeMaB has organised a film series on Havana in 80s Cuban cinema that will take place during the first three Tuesdays of April. The organisation will be screening the original versions of films in which the city of Havana plays a key role. "Un hombre de éxito" (Humberto Solás, 1985), "Amada" (Humberto Solás, 1983) and "Habanera" (Pastor Vega, 1984). It is important to note the participation of the Cuban Embassy in Spain.


3, 4 and 5 April - Gil-Albert Institute Venue y Alicante City University Venue
6 April- El Salt and the UA Alcoy Campus

Twenty five years have gone by since the death of writer Juan Gil-Albert (Alcoy, 1904 - Valencia, 1994). In order to commemorate the author and his literature, the Juan Gil-Albert Culture Institute, the Alicante Provincial Council and the UA, with the help of CeMaB, call an international conference on Juan Gil-Albert and his fascination with consistency.

The conference is aimed at both specialists and all of those interested in the study of this local writer´s life and work. Its goal is to give an in-depth study of an intellectual figure that witnessed a whole century of Hispanic culture. We will be starting with the first books he read by Gabriel Miró, Azorín and Valle-Inclán, that are crucial to understand the first collections of his work “La fascinación de lo irreal" and "Vibración de estío", and finishing up with the verses and prose that he published after the exiles caused by the dictatorship under Franco’s regime. This academic gathering, led by José Ferrándiz Lozano, director of the Juan Gil-Albert Institute, and José Carlos Rovira Soler, Hispanic American literature UA professor, will be chaired by Valencian poet and member of the Royal Spanish Academy Francisco Brines.



9 April

"80 mundos" bookshop (Avda. General Marvá, 14) - 8:15 pm


In one of Alicante´s historic bookshops “80 mundos” and in collaboration with the General Consulate of Uruguay in Valencia and its consul Alberto Rodríguez Goñi, we will be bringing the local community closer to Uruguayan poet Rafael Courtoisie, that will be presenting an anthology titled "Los puntos sobre las íes" (Amargord, 2019), edited by Ecuadorian poet Augusto Rodríguez. Courtoisie is a full member of the National Academy of Fine Arts in Uruguay and correspondent member of the Royal Spanish Academy. He received the José Lezama Lima (Cuba, 2013) poetry award for his collection of poems "Tiranos temblad" and in 2014, he won the International Casa de América American Poetry Award (Madrid) for his book "Parranda".


11 April

CeMaB - 4 pm


Following the Latin American post boom theme, Chiara Bolognese, from the Sapienza University of Rome, will be chatting about one of the most well-known and published authors over the last decades in Latin American literature: Roberto Bolaño.

Chiara Bolognese graduated in Foreign Languages and Literature at the Sacro Cuore Catholic University in Milan and is a PhD graduate in Hispanic American Literature at the Autonomous University of Madrid She has been a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Poitiers Latin American Research Centre, the University of Santiago, Chile and the Autonomous Barcelona University. She has published articles and studies about Chilean, Argentinian, Venezuelan and Cuban authors and is the author of “Pistas de un naufragio. Cartografía de Roberto Bolaño".

The lectures by writers Trinidad Barrera, Chiara Bolognese, Ezio Neyra, Héctor Hernández Montecinos and Cecilia Eudave all complement each other. Attendees will be able to connecte these lectures to learn all about the course of Latin American literature from the 60s to modern day.


17 May

MUA - 12 am 


Since 1999, the Mario Benedetti Centre for Ibero-American Studies has coordinated an important amount of the UA´s cultural and academic work related to Latin America. The CeMaB was initially appointed as the Latin America Relations Office, directed by professor José Carlos Rovira and then by professor Carmen Alemany in 2001. Since said year, its name was changed to Latin America Relations Centre.

The CeMaB, approved by the board of governors in 2002 and directed by professor Carmen Alemany until 2012 when Eva Valero Juan took over, has provided a variety of activity programmes that are proof of how this Centre has promoted Latin American influence in the UA. , Over the years, many writers and researchers of renowned prestige have participated in the numerous academic conferences and cultural activities offered.


On the 17 May, coinciding with the 10th anniversary of our beloved Mario Benedetti´s death, we will celebrate the 20th anniversary of a centre that has witnessed so many Spanish and Latin American writers. For this reason, the event will include the presence of Manuel Palomar Sanz (UA President), Carles Cortés (Vice President for Culture, Sports and Languages), Eva Valero (CeMaB Director), Jorge Olcina (Director of the Alicante City University Venue) and previous CeMaB directors, José Carlos Rovira and Carmen Alemany. Several main figures in Spanish literature that were very close to Mario Benedetti will also be attending: poet Luis García Montero, director of the Cervantes Institute, writer and journalist Juan Cruz and Hispanic American literature professor at the Autonomous University of Madrid Teodosio Fernández.





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