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February - March Miró Research Chair Exhibits

Alicante, 5 February 2019
by Alejandro Ferràndez Mas

Translated by Amie Jo Petherbridge

The Antoni Miró Research chair continues to promote and encourage contemporary art, particularly linked to the Valencian culture, by collaborating with three exhibits that will be open in February and March. During these events, we will be able to visit the following exhibits Intangibles, narratives de l'absènciaTemps and Introspectiva, held in three different venues of Alcoy: Centre Ovidi Montllor, Sant Jordi Market and the AlcoyCultural Centre.


Intangibles, narratives de l'absència
Alissia, Albacete, Inma Mengual, David Vila, María José Zanón

Five artists will be presenting us with five parallel yet comparable projects in which they explore the results of their most recent research. There are five distinctive and individual pieces that reflect the use of different methods to represent their research and artistic goals and are the result of research, analysis and experimentation with the project matter itself and the different procedures involved in its creation.  Each one of these poetic pieces accentuates the intimate, deep nature of art. 

The different artists address varied themes such as the analysis of female mythology, disregarding its derogatory roots imposed by a patriarchal society, the longing for the absent firing up our imagination and our reconstructive intelligence and art that focusses on the study of the human body and its evolution. In this last piece, the body itself is the conceptual and physical figure. 



Roc Candela

The author invites us to search within his soul and travel to an immortal, mundane and mysterious universe bringing us to feel sensations created in two dimensions with the ability and serenity that one only acquires with adulthood, an intense lifestyle, curiosity and sensitivity while using sincere yet strong language.  We will have the privilege of feeling such things while contemplating his wbra.



Joan Castejón

Joan Castejón allows us to contemplate his journey to reach the finest, most artistic vision of human anatomy in his artwork titled Introspectiva. In his pieces, the human body can be perceived from several angles and perspectives and we will be able to rediscover the beauty of our own bodies. 

We must also highlight his innovative use of printing. Castejón has the ability to make the most of art´s dissemination and distribution to such an extent that when his pieces return to his studio they are modified and replicated, like clones of the original drawings, allowing the artist to digitise them. He then works on them again performing the almost restorative task of illuminating and lighting the pieces for the second time.







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